(How to) Buy Stratis token

By Bogdanel | Bogdanel | 22 Apr 2019



What's Strat ?

First of all Strat is token of STRATIS PLATFORM .

For a newcomer always first question after you read about one coin is , from where can I buy it?

Don't forget, Stratis has an AIRDROP of MEDI soon. So if you buy and hold them in your core wallet you will receive some MEDI tokens ! ( more to come in other updates)


To buy / sell Strat token you need to register/login ( if you already have account) into one of this exchanges :


Poloniex : Pairs BTC-STRAT here 

Binance : Pairs BTC-STRAT here 

Bittrex : Pairs BTC-STRAT here 

Upbit : Pairs BTC - STRAT here 

HitBTC : Pairs BTC- STRAT here 

Beaxy : incoming


Buy with crypto or directly with your credit card :

Changelly USD/Eur - STRAT here 

LiteBit  USD/Eur - STRAT here 

CoinDirect USD/Eur- Strat here 

CoinSwitch USD/Eur - Strat here 


Where to store it?

If you bought any Strat and you want to store it , you have few options :

  • Send to exchange address ( is not indicated to hold your coins in exchanges)


  • Send to Stratis official wallet ( can be downloaded from here )190903265-61087d25ae3ca20a558438feedc95b759d8a3cbdd507c352d832b6e1b93ceefb.jpeg


  • Send to Ledger ( yes , Stratis is available on Ledger, known as best and safest way to store crypto. Read here )190903265-2a6cfbe175bf15f55302b4f7eabe38555d69c48b6c364a248d61e43944391b74.jpeg


  • Coinomi mobile wallet (IOS/Android)
  • 190903265-45850d0e00e6a99d895a7ca87ff9c0ba7dc3c2754dd8c025b73e3a636faf93e1.jpeg








This is not an investment advice,NEVER do not spend more than you own.



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