100000 Strax Giveaway

100000 Strax Giveaway

By Bogdanel | Bogdanel | 8 Dec 2020


Registrations for the Stratis 100,000 STRAX airdrop will open on Thursday.


Anyone will be able to enter by completing actions across many of the top social media platforms including twitter, facebook, YouTube and more.


Basically everyone who  will  post anything about $strax will  get a  share from 100.000 STRAX  !! Prepare  your twitts,FB , videos and spread the news.


Don't forget that in order to get Strax from this giveaway , you will need a STRAX wallet , that can be downloaded from here : https://www.stratisplatform.com/wallets/


More  to   come in this post soon !  Stay  around !!


UPDATE 11.12.2020 : https://gleam.io/jdVra/stratis-airdrop-giveaway


Now you can register and process thru giveaway.

STRAX Tokens will be distributed on a per-entry basis. The total number of entry points will be divided by the 100,000 STRAX Airdrop to achieve an airdrop amount per entry. For example, if you completed five actions that earned you a total of 5 entries, and, the calculated amount per entry was 10 STRAX, you will be airdropped 50 STRAX Tokens.




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