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By BlueFlipper | BlueFlipper | 3 Sep 2022


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Hello to all the beautiful Publish0X Community! How are you?

For many days, I was doing my best to write an article about basic human rights ignored by many governments in Under developed countries. I was in flood camps for about ten days. I learned a lot in ten days. In most areas politicians were limited to Selfies and Photography for the Election campaign. It hurts me how a man can leave his nation in flood water. These people are really cruel, we should raise our voices against them. Revolution can't be in our fate till we didn't change our trend against the terror of these people.

In most flood-affected regions, I found there was no supply of rations, clean water, and camps. People were drinking water from muddy areas. Moreover, flies were biting their skins. Most people I found were in severe skin diseases. It was the worst condition I am describing here because this platform allowed me to talk with freedom.

In this scenario, this post will help you to get knowledge about basic human rights. After learning it is your duty to make sure about these rights in your region if any government ignored these people. There are following basic human rights, you must know that must be protected and provided by Governments in case of natural disasters.

  • Right for healthy ration

  • Right for clean water

  • Right for Safe Shelter

You all agreed with me because ration, water, and shelter are basic needs of people that bring happiness if provided at the time.

 Right for Healthy Ration:

Human rights should be protected anywhere in the world. Otherwise, poverty and ignorance will be the fate of human history. Moreover where there is no system for providing basic rights to humanity, here you can find inequality and injustice that destroy the whole country.

In natural disasters, rations can increase the life span of people. It is a basic need for all humans in case of emergency. Every citizen has the right that government will provide him/her healthy ration in case of natural disasters either an earthquake or it is flooded. Moreover, it should be taken into notice, that government bodies are providing foods that are neat and clean following all the principles of hygiene conditions.

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  Right for Clean Water:

The second basic right is the supply of clean water by the government if any city and its people strike with natural disasters. Clean water is essential for a diseased or Injured person. Because if there are two lacs or two million people with different sorts of severe injury we can't provide fluid therapy hence the supply of clean water is a better option. Moreover, there are the following tricks that can help get clean water in these areas.

  • In Flood affected areas, take water in plastic bottles and put them in the sun's rays for twenty-thirty minutes if you have no fire source.

  • Stay under the shade of trees and minimized your activities as much as you can.

  • Put at least one ORS mineral Sacha if available in your regions

  • Moreover, if you have a fire source then must boil it before drinking.


Every government must assure and take responsibility for these basic rights. Most of the people died due to dehydration issues.

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  Right for Safe Shelter:

In flood-affected areas, I have found heavy rains. This rain was directly affecting people because most of them were on road without any shelter. In these Tough conditions, people died due to hypothermia with the issue of cough and respiratory issues. So if we are hit with natural disasters, it is the responsibility of our government to rescue us in a safe place. Due to bad luck, I have not seen functional government machinery in this natural disaster. People were helping each other but it was very rare because everyone needed his/her family.

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  Closing Thoughts:

Whether either government take its responsibility or not, we as a human should be ready to serve our people. Sometimes government sources are not enough to rescue people so we should Voluntarily help government bodies. Although this case is very rare we should feel pain for our human fellows. We should not leave them at any risk. Might be the comfort we have now when our brothers are affected will be no more with us in near future. Wealth and Health both are volatile. They always made rotations from one person to another. Hence we should rely on our good deeds. Our good words and deeds were alive permanently but our misbehaving in conditions when all humanity needed us can bring disaster for us also.

  Thanks for reading and supporting me.

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