Winter adventures at the Chaika autodrome - "Christmas race"

The next day after the adventures in the Kremenets Mountains, a 13.5-kilometer jogging race awaited me at the Chaika autodrome. He first met Chaika autodrome in the summer of 2018, when he took part in the Petropavlovsk Half-Marathon, when the route of the half marathon was partly on the territory of the autodrome. "Christmas race" interested me mainly because its route passed entirely on the territory of the autodrome "Chaika". In addition, the race "Christmas Race" was for me the second race after the "Ltava Run Racing" route, which is completely on the track of the racetrack.



You could register for the winter race "Christmas Race" through the site, where participants could choose one of two distances of 13.5 or 4.5 kilometers.


The route of the race "Christmas race" was on the snow-covered track of the autodrome "Chaika". The main distance of 13.5 kilometers consisted of 3 laps of 4.5 kilometers each lap.


The next race that awaited me on the weekend after the trail race "Shchedryk" was a race on the racetrack "Chaika" - "Christmas race". Therefore, returning on Sunday morning from Kremenets almost immediately went to the racetrack "Chaika", where I was waiting for 13.5 kilometers on the snowy track of the racetrack.


You could get a starter pack from 9 o'clock in the morning. A large number of runners gathered to run on the snow-covered racetrack. It was especially nice to meet old running acquaintances at the start of the race. The race "Christmas race" started at 11 o'clock after a small briefing from the organizers of the race.

The race "Christmas race" decided to start slowly, as the route of the race was on the snow-covered track of the racetrack, so a particularly great desire for the second day in a row to run on the snow was not particularly.

The first 5 miles of the race passed fairly quickly, as they were overcome in 50 minutes. On the last lap, fatigue began to appear, first of all, from Saturday's trail in the Kremenets Mountains, so I overcame the equipment 3 miles before the finish of the race at the Chaika autodrome rather slowly. After the finish, delicious tea and various delicacies awaited the participants of the "Christmas race".


The race "Christmas race" left a lot of positive impressions, both from the organization of the race and from the route of the race, which took place on the snow-covered territory of the racetrack "Chaika".


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