Ukrainian trails are ITRA certified

Ukrainian trails are ITRA certified

During the running season on the territory of Ukraine, there is a fairly large number of trail races, which take place in different parts and cities from Lviv to Kharkiv and from Kyiv to Odesa. During the running season, trails can run through the Carpathian Mountains, parks, reserves, or any other area where it is off-road. But among all this variety of Ukrainian mountain, city, winter, and desert trails there is a small group of trail races, which has one feature in its assets that distinguishes them from other trails and makes participation in such races more interesting. A feature that makes such trails more interesting is the complexity of their distance and the presence of ITRA points in them.


Since from time to time I take part in various Ukrainian trails, I was interested in the following question: which Ukrainian trails have ITRA scores in their assets? After a short search and help from the official website, a rather interesting list of Ukrainian trail races with ITRA scores was published.

  • Ice Trail
  • Hutsul Trail
  • Fun Karpaty Dynafit Trail
  • Burning Heads
  • Extreme Endurance Trail
  • Lviv Ultra-Trail
  • Trail Karpatia
  • Kuyalnik Ultra-Trail
  • Chornohora Night Marathon
  • Skole Ultra Trail
  • Kremen Ultra Trail
  • Bojko Trail
  • 100 BUKO miles
  • Chornohora Sky Marathon
  • Wet Hills

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