Trail walk along the shores of Sukhoi Kagamlik - "Kagamlik Trail"

Trail walk along the shores of Sukhoi Kagamlik - "Kagamlik Trail"

The new season started quite interestingly, even in spite of modern realities. Therefore, after a busy January and February with interesting running starts with distances of 20+ kilometers, I decided that in March I need to rest a bit, before April and May, which are no less full of interesting running events. Therefore, I decided to look for interesting running events that will take place in Ukraine in March, and of course, I would like to take part in an interesting running series.

It didn't take long to look for an interesting running series, as the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk and its running club "Kremen Style", which organized the trailing series "Kremen Trail League", came to the rescue. The trail series of the city of Kremenchuk immediately interested me, as it consists of four interesting trail races, with a distance of 5 - 10 kilometers, this was exactly what I was looking for.


My acquaintance with the trail series "Kremen Trail League" began with the first trail in the series called "Kagamlyk Trail". You could register for it on the official website For convenience, the organizers made two types of registration, namely, you could buy a season ticket for the entire trail league, which cost 1000 UAH. Or to register for each race separately, registration in this version cost from 300 UAH. on the trail. Since I wanted to run all four trails, so I decided to choose a season ticket for myself.


The "Kagamlyk Trail" consisted of one 5-kilometer circuit and ran along the banks of the Sukhyi Kagamlyk River.


The start of the first stage of the "Kremen Trail League" trail series, namely the "Kagamlyk Trail", was scheduled for Sunday morning. "Kagamlyk Trail" participants could get their Start package both on the eve and on the day of the trail start.

Therefore, on Saturday evening, having collected his running gear, I left Kyiv to meet the next running adventures that awaited me the next morning in the city of Kremenchuk.

Waking up on Sunday morning, he immediately went in the direction of the starting town, which was located on the territory of the entertainment complex "Ivushki" and at the same time decided to take a walk through the streets of Kremenchuk. Arriving at the starting town, which was already quite crowded, so I decided to immediately begin preparations for the race, namely to pick up the Start number and change clothes. The "Kagamlyk Trail" started at 11 o'clock.

After a short briefing from the organizers and a little warm-up, my next trail adventures began. The distance of the trail "Kagamlyk Trail" turned out to be quite interesting, although it was 5 kilometers, which was quite unusual for me.

The trail route was interesting and passable mainly for the arrogant anticipation of the banks of the river Sukhiy Kagamlyk, which made the run quite interesting. Besides, there were some sites of features of its initial which passed down the street of the city of Kremenchuk. Since the race had a short distance, the trail flashed quite quickly and in 27 minutes, after its start for me, it was over.


"Kagamlyk Trail" turned out to be quite an interesting trail with good organization and an interesting route, which had good markings along with the entire distance of the race. In addition, for me, the trail "Kagamlyk Trail" became the first official race, where the distance of the race was 5 kilometers. Therefore, to overcome it was quite interesting and unusual.


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