Running career - "Premier Trail"

My acquaintance with the trail series "Kremen Trail League" continues, so last weekend I had another trip to the city of Kremenchuk, where I was waiting for the third stage of the series, which was called "Premier Trail".


The "Kremen Trail League" trail series turned out to be quite interestingly organized, as each new "Kremen Trail League" trail race increases by 5 kilometers. Therefore, if my acquaintance with the series began with an easy 5-kilometer walk along the shores of Sukhoi Kagamlyk and a 10-kilometer walk along the forest paths of Mala Kokhnivka, then in the third stage I had a 15-kilometer walk through the local Premier quarry called “Premier Trail".

Anyone could register for the "Premier Trail" trail race, as well as for the previous trails of the Kremen Trail League series through the official website For convenience, the organizers made two types of registration, namely, you could buy a season ticket for the entire trail league, which cost 1000 UAH. Or to register for each race separately, registration in this version cost from 300 UAH. on the trail.


The participants of the third stage of the “Kremen Trail League”, namely the “Premier Trail” trail, had one of two distances, namely the main one - 15 kilometers (2 laps) and the satellite distance - 7.5 kilometers (1 lap). The "Premier Trail" trail ran mainly through the local quarry and partly from the "Student" park.

The next Sunday morning started with a walk through the streets of Kremenchuk, this time my way lay to the local park "Studentsky" and tennis club "Premier" on the territory of which the starting town was located and starting packages were issued for participants of the third stage of the trail series Kremen Trail League ”.


For the participants of the “Premier Trail” trail, the next running adventure started at 12 o'clock, after a short warm-up and briefing from the organizers of the trail. Participants who ran a distance of 7.5 and 15 kilometers started at the same time, the only difference was that participants for 15 kilometers had to overcome two laps of 7.5 kilometers.


The route of the third stage of the "Kremen Trail League" turned out to be quite interesting, as it passed mainly through the local quarry and partly through the park area. Therefore, it was quite interesting to run along the trail route, as the participants were always accompanied by interesting surrounding landscapes of the park and the quarry.


After the start of the countdown, my acquaintance with the Premier Trail began. The first half of the trail began to acquaint me with interesting locations that met on the trail route and obeyed me in 45 minutes. At the hydradia point, having regained my strength with water, I went to conquer the second part of the "Premier Trail".


As for the third stage of the “Kremen Trail League”, it came to an end for me after 1 hour and 29 minutes and gave a lot of exciting impressions from the trail route.


Well, the "Premier Trail" trail, like the previous trails from the "Kremen Trail League" series, gave a lot of positive impressions, both from the organization of the running event and from the rather interesting trail route that passed through the territory of the current quarry.


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