Overview of running locations in Poznan

Don't know where to train and run in Poznan? Check out the interesting options and places in different parts of the city.

Poznan is a large agglomeration that most people probably associate with traffic jams, somersaults on the Old Market Square and the Poznan International Fair. However, there are also many places where you can relax and exercise outdoors.

There are many gyms and fitness clubs in every district of Poznan, which cannot be presented in this article. Those interested will certainly find an interesting place for themselves. Among our offers, we will present alternative and interesting locations for training.

Interesting running locations

  • Citadel Park
    The former fort, with a total area of about 100 hectares, has been turned into a park. It is located practically in the heart of the city, between Wynohrady, Armii Poznańskiego and Śląskiego streets. Numerous picturesque alleys and lawns allow for various forms of training. The many paths mean that cyclists, joggers, rollerbladers, etc. don't have to go in circles. The varied terrain allows for interesting training, such as running uphill or cycling downhill. The citadel also has an open-air gym.

  • Lake Malta

It is one of the most popular places for active residents of Poznan. The location in the city center, the proximity of the lake and the forest create a great atmosphere for sports, and the numerous joggers, cyclists and roller skaters encourage activity. The vastness of the area means that everyone will find a place for themselves. The full circumference of the lake is 5.4 kilometers. There is also an open-air gym on site. Thanks to its infrastructure and location, Malta hosts many sporting events, including running, rowing and kayaking.

  • Lake Rusalka

These are other places where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city and work out in the fresh air. The full circle of Rusalka Lake is 4 kilometers. You can also follow the route marked by Nike with yellow cones - then the distance is 5 kilometers. You can also take the scenic route to Lake Strzeszynskie and then to Lake Kerskoe. Then our route can be from a dozen to several dozen kilometers. If we want to extend the route even further, we can start training in Solacki Park, from where it is easy to reach the Rusalka River and get to the Olympia Stadium. Both lakes have a beach, green areas, and outdoor gyms. It should be emphasized that on Strzeszynski Lake, it is well equipped with interesting equipment that is not available in other facilities of this type.

  • Zhuravinets Nature Reserve

Another place that answers the question: "where to train and run in Poznan?" This is a forest located near the Piontowski estate, the Rużany Potik estate, and the Adam Mickiewicz University campus in Morasko, with a total area of approximately 1.67 hectares. Forest trails with soft soil allow you to mark several kilometers of routes. The reserve also has an open-air gym. You should beware of wild boars that sometimes appear here.

  • Areas along the Warta River - Old Town, Wolda and Dębiec

Especially recommended for joggers and cyclists, but these areas can also be used for other activities. The soft paths are not very strenuous on the joints, but you need to be careful about occasional flooding. The length of the marked route can be from a few to several kilometers.

  • Moraska Góra

An interesting location for fans of uphill runs and mountain jogging. It is a great place for strength training, interval training and uphill running - the uphill section on the south side is approximately 70 meters long. The route can be connected to the trail from Zhuravynets. Starting from the Batorego estate, follow the yellow marked trail, completing the 12-kilometer loop at the Bolesława Smiała estate.

  • Marceline Forest

It is a forest area located in the Grunwald district, near the stadium in Poznan. There are many running tracks there. In one place there is a small hill. There are also two jogging trails with a length of 2.45 and 4.12 kilometers, respectively. There is also an open-air gym on the territory.

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