Overview of running locations in Odessa

In this article, I want to tell a little about and introduce interesting running locations of Odessa, as this Ukrainian city can boast not only its status as the main sea window of Ukraine, but also delight running lovers with interesting and exciting running routes and locations and a light sea breeze during a run.

Interesting running locations

Health route

  • Coverage: asphalt, park paths
  • Terrain: plain and moderate hills
    "Health Route" is probably the most popular place for jogging among Odessa residents. The running route runs along the coast of the Black Sea, mostly in the shade of trees. It has an optimal length and a moderate height difference, so it is universal. A run along the "Health Route" is equally suitable for both beginners and experienced runners. In addition, the section of the track from Langeron beach to Arcadia beach is well lit at night, so you can run along this route 24 hours a day.

Kuyalnytsky estuary

  • Coverage: steppe trails, off-road
  • Terrain: plain + moderate elevation differences
    The Kuyalnytsky estuary is an ideal place for a long-distance run in the middle of wild nature. You can also train for an ultramarathon or a trail race on the route.

Interesting running routes

Park named after T. Shevchenko + Istanbul park + Primorsky boulevard + Greek park + Mother-in-law + Zhvanetsky boulevard

  • Covering: asphalt, park paths

  • Terrain: plain + moderate hills

The running route covers the largest city park of Odessa, as well as important tourist attractions. It will suit both locals, because early in the morning there are almost no tourists there, and guests of the city who want to get to know Odessa and run through interesting locations.

Peremogy Arboretum + T. Shevchenko Avenue + Kulikovo Field + St. Pushkinska + park named after T. Shevchenko

  • Covering: park paths, primer, asphalt

  • Terrain: mostly flat + sometimes minor ups and downs

This running route connects two parks — Peremogy Arboretum and Park named after T. Shevchenko — and combines a run in the green zone with a run through the noisy central streets of Odessa.

Stadiums for jogging

"Dynamo" Stadium
"Dynamo" stadium is ideal for interval training, as it is open to everyone. In addition, you can do not only running exercises on it, but also strength exercises if you wish.

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