Marathons of the Netherlands

My acquaintance with the races of the Netherlands began in 2018 with participation in the running event of Leiden, namely the "Leiden Marathon", since I really liked this event, in this article I decided to collect other interesting marathons that take place in the Netherlands and which can be quite interesting

  • Midwinter Marathon
  • Two Rivers Marathon
  • Heuvelland Marathon
  • Lente Marathon
  • Marathon Rotterdam
  • Marathon Enschede
  • Lauwersmeer Marathon
  • Leiden Marathon
  • Hoorn Marathon
  • Marathon Eindhoven
  • Amsterdam Marathon
  • Marathon Brabant
  • Berenloop Terschelling
  • De Ronde Venen Marathon

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Andrii Androshchuk
Andrii Androshchuk

I like running. My blog about running and digital marketing:

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Blog about running

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