Jogging among the windmills - "Pirogiv Trail Race"

I decided to continue my acquaintance with the interesting trail league of Ukraine, which is called "Multiki Race". I managed to get acquainted with this series back in 2018 while participating in the trail race "Didorivka Trail Run". This time I decided to continue to get to know her and run another trail race in the series, namely "Pirogiv Trail Run", which is also the first trail from which this trail series starts. In addition, the route of the trail race "Pirogiv Trail Run" takes place in a pretty good location, namely on the territory of the open-air museum in Pirogiv.


Registration for the trail race "Pirogiv Trail Run" was possible on the site, where participants could choose one of two distances, namely 10 or 5 kilometers. The entry fee for participation in the trail was 590 UAH.


The trail route for 10 kilometers consisted of 2 laps of 5 kilometers each and passed through the museum of Pirogovo. The road was mostly paved, but there were several asphalt sections. But at a distance of 10 kilometers, there was one point of hydration.


I managed to run through the open-air museum of Pirogovo for the first time on the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine during the "Race in Pirogovo". And last Sunday I had another running trip to this museum and participation in the trail race "Pirogiv Trail Run" and a distance of 10 kilometers.


As always, in order to take part in the race, you must first obtain the number of the participant. Participants could get it both on the day of the competition in the starting town and on the eve of the trail in the store "Velobazar" on Konstantinovskaya Street in Kyiv. So I decided to use this option and get my starting number in advance.


As for the trail, it was supposed to start at 15:30 on Sunday, namely after the end of the cycling competition, which was to start at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning. Since the sporting events included in the "Multiki Race" combine not only trail racing competitions, but also cycling, and at the same time the organizers try to develop two very interesting areas, namely trail running and cross-country.


Since this time I did not need to go far to visit the running event, so I decided that I would arrive in the starting town in half an hour to the status of the trail. Since this time is enough to change clothes, do a little warm-up and take things to the locker, and the starting number has already been received earlier.


The starting town of the "Pirogiv Trail Run" was located at the Singing Field location of the Pirogovo Museum. It was quite easy to find this location on the territory of the museum, because it was just the end of the awarding of cycling participants, so it was quite crowded and on the way to it you could meet cyclists returning from competitions.


The start for the participants for 10 and 5 kilometers was joint. For a distance of 10 kilometers, it was necessary to overcome 2 laps of 5 kilometers each. As for the trail route, it followed the route that was previously conquered by cyclists, so it should have been quite interesting as the participants of the trail were waiting for many different small ascents and descents. The trail route was marked and passed mainly along the paths of the surrounding field and forest, although it had several asphalt sections. In addition, for participants who ran a distance of 10 kilometers, one hydration point was arranged, which was located in the middle of the distance, namely at 5 kilometers.


After a short briefing, my second adventure began along the paths of the Pirogovo Museum. Therefore, after the start, I went to get acquainted with the route prepared by the organizers for the participants. I managed to conquer the first half of the trail in 32 minutes, enjoying the surrounding nature and conquering the ascents and descents prepared by the organizers on the route. I managed to conquer the main distance of the Pirogiv Trail Run, namely 10 kilometers in 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Trail "Pirogiv Trail Run" left a good impression both on the organization, the location of the trail race, and the route itself, as it had several steep descents and ascents, which made it more interesting to run. The route itself was overcome quite effortlessly, as it was well marked, and at the turns, there were volunteers who, if necessary, indicated the correct direction of the run and supported the participants of the trail.


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