Interesting city trail races of Ukraine

In Ukraine, trail races are held in many different locations. Of course, the most difficult of them are held in the Carpathians, but in this article I decided to pay attention and collect trail races, which take place in the vicinity of various cities and towns of Ukraine and have not enough height (up to 1000 meters).


The result is this list with very interesting trails run:

Kyiv region:

  • Wild North Way
  • Shkariv slides
  • Wild Top Trail
  • Forest trail "Mousetrap"
  • Spring Forest Eco-Trail
  • Pyrogiv Trail Run
  • Boyar Forest Trail
  • Kyiv Trail
  • Trail over Russia
  • Race in Pirogov
  • Trail Forest Trails
  • Golosiievo Trail Half Marathon
  • Eco-trail "Colors of Autumn"
  • Village Trail
  • Autumn Leaf Race
  • Kalancha trail
  • Didorivka Trail Run & Half Marathon

Ternopil region

  • Shchedryk Christmas trail
  • Win Trail Ternopil

Lviv region

  • Kaiserwald Run Cup
  • Treasure Trail Run
  • Trail "Visiting the bears"

Ivano-Frankivsk region

  • Voskresinetska mountain
  • GTR Trail

Dnipropetrovsk region

  • Hippie Trail
  • White Stones Trail
  • Dnipro Trail Run
  • Black Stones Trail
  • Trail "In Search of a Horseshoe"
  • Red Stones Trail

Zhytomyr region

  • Zhytomyr verticals

Kharkiv region

  • Western trail
  • Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon
  • Trail in the Black Forest

Cherkasy region

  • Run Яr
  • Irdyn Trail Run
  • Adventure Fair

Sumy region

  • Rybhosp Trail
  • Mohrytsia Eco Trail
  • Shpylivka Trail

Poltava region

  • Kagamlyk trail
  • Pine Trail
  • Premier trail
  • Maiden trail
  • Opishnia Trail
  • Steel Runners Forest Half Marathon
  • Bulanove Trail

Kirovograd region

  • Krop River Trail

Odessa region

  • Burning Heads
  • Fountain Trail Run
  • Odessa Ultra-trail Kuyalnik

Kherson region

  • Wild Desert Ultratrail
  • Achilles Big

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