UplandPublish0x Contest: discovering UPLAND.

By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 22 Feb 2021







I also landed on UPLAND and I proudly own 2 properties !!

I started by chance reading this article on Publish0x and I got curious.
So I decided to check out the game by wandering around the virtual San Francisco on Upland and eventually signed up using the 6,000 UPX welcome bonus so i could buy my first property!!

If you are interested, use this Bonus too.

I really like the game graphically and it is very colorful, it makes you want to explore it, also it is very intuitive so it is not difficult to understand how to move around it.

What is the UPLAND about?

Imagine a modern version of the Monopoly. Who does not know the Monopoly?
The board game most loved and played by generations of children who continue to love it even as adults.
You have to earn money by buying lots of land and building houses and hotels by undertaking intense economic activity.

UPLAND has the exact same purpose: buying and trading virtual properties through the EOS Blockchain.

As you know, the blockchain technology guarantees the ownership of your property, once you purchased it, it is yours and only you decide what to do with it: whether to keep it, sell it or exchange it with other land, using UPLAND's digital currency, which is called UPX.



The image above is the certificate of ownership of one of my lands.


Upland is in BETA, still at the beginning imagine how many other things will be added in the future.
The idea of the Upland team is to be able to create a real economy by merging the real world with the virtual one.


First we need our Block Explorer!

The block explorer is none other than our Avatar that differentiates us from other players.
We start with the Status of Visitor who has up to 10k UPX, as we increase our assets we can reach the Status of Uplander ranging from 10k to 100k UPX.

The other STATUS are:
* Pro Status (net worth from 100k UPX to 1 million UPX)
* State Director (net worth of 1 million UPX or higher)
* Founders Edition (very first Upland players)
To learn more about the Status topic, take a look at Upland Academy.

It is possible to buy UPX within the game through the store and choose the sum from a minimum of 5,000 UPX to 10 million UPX. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or crypto.
I tried cryptocurrencies and shortly after I received the payment and a confirmation email.
Don't be like me who used ETH because the fees are very high, but at that moment I was in a hurry to try.



How to earn UPX?

It's possible earning through the passive income of the properties that have been purchased, participating in the challenges of Upland and the Community and finding the treasures hidden in the various properties.

Upland's treasure hunt is very nice but requires some attention and luck.
We have to use our block explorer and wander around the map the treasure can be found anywhere on a minted property.
Here too I suggest you read the details on Upland Academy.

With Challanges you have many opportunities to earn UPX, just going to the challenges section and see which ones you can participate in.



The rest is then up to you to find out.

Do as I'm doing, explore the area, visit as many properties as possible, try to find the treasure, click every icon you see to learn as much as possible.

I hope I have been helpful and intrigued you to the point of visiting me at my UPLAND property.

Thanks for reading my post.. See you soon!!





I found the UPLAND ACADEMY guide very useful. Click HERE.


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