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By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 9 Jan 2021

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It is not easy to find a crypto to invest in given how many there are in circulation.
So we need to focus on some factor that can make us believe in its potential.
This is why it is also important to inquire about the project on which a coin is based.
In this regard I began to get interested in Zilliqa, which is a blockchain based on a technology that allows it to be up to 1000 times higher than that of Ethereum.

1000 times higher than Ethereum


The sharding technology makes sure that transactions are split into smaller chunks and distributed among several miners that perform parallel transaction checks.

In short, the Zilliqua network is divided into a large number of subnets making it significantly lighter than other networks that do not use this method.

Other factors that make this project interesting, certainly is the possibility for each user to develop new applications through Zilliqa using smart contracts; the high bandwidth of the network, which increases together with the increase in volume; 21 billion coins will be issued, but initially  only 60 percent of the total volume was generated and the rest of the tokens will be obtained in the next 10 years.


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In May 2018 Zilliqa reached its all-time high of about $ 0.23 then unfortunately it collapsed, but today it resumed a positive trend that from $ 0.006943 in 2019 has brought it these days to $ 0.007225.

The 2021 Ziliqa coin price prediction of most analysts is mostly optimistic for various factors related to the Zilliqa team, which is working tirelessly on the development of its idea:

  • has changed in major exchanges so you can buy and sell easily,
  • the larger the Zilliqa network becomes, the more transactions per second it will be able to process the blockchain: in the testnet version the network exploited a throughput of 1218 transactions per second when there were 1800 active nodes, doubling the number of active nodes the throughput increased at 2488 transactions per second,
  • Since July 2020, BINANCE has entered the staking of Zilliqa ZIL,
  • the platform's unique programming language is SCILLA, which increases its security as it could help users verify the security of a contract before putting it into use,
  • Zilliqa is also working in the DeFi area, such as the Zilswap project, which is a sort of decentralized exchange similar to Uniswap but for tokens obviously based on the Zilliqa blockchain.


If Blockchain is considered a revolution for humanity for industry experts, Zilliqa is a revolution in the revolution.
We are talking about a blockchain platform that in transaction speed can equal and even exceed those of fiat currencies.
In short, Zilliqa could be for cryptocurrencies what companies like Mastercard and Visa are in fiat currencies.

The long-term price prediction of Zilliqa is very promising. Already from this 2021 there are very interesting prospects also given the bull run moment in which we find ourselves.
One of the most positive predictions is that of Trading Beasts that ZIL has the potential for up to $ 1.15 and by 2022 ZIL could hit the $ 5 level.

Here the official site: https://www.zilliqa.com/

What do you think about Zilliqa? I hope I have given you useful information.

Thanks for reading my post.



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