Life Before and After the World of Apps


By Rikolo | BlocksPower | 19 Feb 2020

Just a touch on the SCREEN of our smartphone with fingertips
and we have many applications ready to make our LIFE EASIER.



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But how much have these technological applications changed our daily life in these last 10 years?

I never thought about how my life was until a few years ago, at least not before having to answer the question of my 12-year-old daughter. In a completely spontaneous and innocent way she asked me which app I used as a child to know the weather.
Apart from the fact that I had a great nostalgia linked to the passing of time, but this is a whole other matter.

But in short, a flash came to me:

The LIFE B(efore)APP 


almost a watershed between prehistoric technology with the first huge mobile phones as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and the ultra-modern technology applied to the current high-performance super-thin phones.
I would say yes, how many things have changed in a few years!
Things we take for granted today (above all our kids).

Before arriving at the first iPhone, in 2007, which was already sold with some pre-installed applications, who remembers the old Blackbarry 5810 of 2002, with square icons in black and white?


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And few years earlier there was the Nokia 3310, which included the cult game "Snake", has not it anticipated the modern App?


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And if simple pre-installed programs like Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Note Pad, etc., they can be considered as a precursor of the current app, then we have to go back in 1994, to Simon of IBM.


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Today there are more and more complex Apps keeping a simple and intuitive graphic interface to use.

And all this has been achieved in just 10 years. So I wonder what to expect in the coming years, what further development they will have.
From simple applications to basic functions, we have moved to powerful software able to provide us with all the information and services we need.

The list is very long, ranging from entertainment with an endless variety of games, to apps that make us booking everything, from transport to restaurants, to those who make us find even the most unknown place on the face of the Earth, and those apps that you love and that you hate because they take care of our physical well-being and help us to follow diets and workouts, or there are those that help us to invest on our potential, for example learning a foreign language or even making us really invest on online trading platforms in real time.

In short, there are Apps for every need!

No longer we need to make a wish and wait for it to come true, just waiting for the download time and find the application that we like most on our mobile phone.
From 2008 with the introduction of the App Store and a few months later, the arrival of Google Play, the App has slowly become part of our lives, they are not with us every day because it would be reductive, but they are omnipresent 24 hours a day.


Another question arises?!

But it was us that we have made the App an integral part of our existence or it was them who have assimilated us into their complex technological system?

The answer is inside us.. but will it be correct?


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