Ripple (XRP) can Change the Banking System?
Ripple with the highest gain in 2017
Ripple (XRP) can Change the Banking System?

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 22 Mar 2020

Today I am writing about the cryptocurrency which has gained the highest ROI in the previous wave of the bullish trend back in Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017 respectively. After the halving of Bitcoin in 2016, the market jumped more then the investor's expectations and Coins like Ripple (XRP) has gained more than 36,000% which is tremendous gain and make anybody rich with a couple of hundred dollars of investment. 

highest gain coin in 2017

They Say about the Ripple (XRP) that it will change the banking system and minimize the transaction fee higher the speed of transaction using the Blockchain technology. However, the team of developers narrates Ripple that it is:

A Digital Asset Built for Global Payments

The reason behind people's start talking about investing in crypto for higher gain was the Ripple due to its marvelous gain of 36,000% within a few months back in 2017. I remember my local gathering of investors talking about buying ripple for higher gain but it was already too late and many dive into the crypto market at the time when it was at its peak and about to form a bearish trend for long term correction until the next halving in 2020. The good investor bought at the lower point and sells at the higher but the majority of investors do not adopt this pattern as always. Ripple, TRON, and NEO are the ones who have the highest gain so far even after the spike of 2017. About Ripple, they state that:

XRP offers financial institutions the fastest, lowest cost option for sourcing liquidity in cross-border payments.

As I have mentioned in previous articles that I dive into the crypto market back in 2016 after the 2nd wave of the bullish trend but I was familiar with the bitcoin and litecoin from the very beginning. It was my bad that I didn't even think of investing at that time. But I don't regret, as I am now spending much of my time exploring and writing about crypto market from past 4 years now. 

I always support altcoins instead of Bitcoin due to the high potential of altcoins. As I have mentioned in many of my articles back on this platform. I may revise my warning to my readers that do not invest from your pocket in highly volatile market instead you should consider investing from your savings which you cannot afford to lose. and always consult with your financial advisor if you have one, or study the project deeply before dive into it. wish everyone here happy earning through there time spending on the crypto world which I consider will be future of economic world along with artificial intelligence (AI).

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