Earn free 20 NBX (Netbox) - The first decentralized blockchain web browser
The first decentralized web browser with proof of stake master noods and rewards for internet surfing

Earn free 20 NBX (Netbox) - The first decentralized blockchain web browser

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 23 Mar 2020

The first decentralized blockchain-backed web browser NET BOX with Proof of Stake, Master Nodes and Reward for Surfing the Web

By just downloading the browser on the link below you will get 20NBX worth of 0.80$ for free as of writing this post. If the price of NBX increases on the exchange then it can be worth it. There are different ways of earning NBX as stated below:

  • First of all download browser from this link: Click Here
  • Then signup and create your new account, confirm email and login on the browser, then select wallet as mentioned in the image below

NBX wallet

  • As there is a staking option enabled in the browser and you can stake 19.999 NBX giving transaction fee of only 0.00002 NBX for staking or you can purchase more coins from the exchange for staking purposes. You can directly stake in your wallet on the browser. 
  • Do not try to create multiple accounts in order to get free 20NBX each account and transfer to the Crex24 Exchange wallet. But you can directly spend your 20NBX one time by transferring to the Crex24 account. Here is the link you can signup for Crex24 Exchange: Click Here
  • You can also earn NBX while you surf the internet and it will work just like chrome, You can install any Extension on NBX and import your history or bookmarks from any browser.

NBX is similar to BAT but I will prefer the BAT browser more then NBX is, but both give free coins in their initial stages so we can term NBX as a competitor of the BAT browser. If there comes a competitor then both of the companies compete with each other day by day and new tech improvement and upgrades will come. Good for the users :)

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