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Exclusive BlockchainRPG NFT Character Previews

By DrCharles | BlockchainRPG | 14 Apr 2022

Exclusive NFT Character Previews for BlockchainRPG NFT Game on WAX


This post is here to provide you with and exclusive preview and introduction to two of the new NFT characters that will soon be joining the BlockchainRPG metaverse. Since last year, our main character Milo has been holding down the Swamplands and the Forest Biomes on his own but things are starting to get a bit perilous as more and more monsters and adventurers clash in Aurum.

There will be a total of five (5) new NFT characters coming to the BlockchainRPG metaverse but we will only be showcasing two of those new characters in this post. Additional information will be coming out about these characters and their release dates soon. 


First up - The Thief.      Name: Salazar


Second up - The Mage.      Name: Faye


Made it this far and have no idea what BlockchainRPG is? Lets take a look:

BlockchainRPG is a Digital Item Metaverse in the faraway lands of Aurum. Hunt monsters, gain resources, craft better tools, and compete against others. BlockchainRPG offers a fun play to earn style gameplay. Earn GOLD and rare NFTs while playing. Trade/Buy/Sell your in-game items with other players to assist each other in your adventures! Let your blockchain adventure begin!

Roadmap Page:





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BlockchainRPG is an NFT Game built on top of the WAX blockchain.

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