DOGECOIN - not doggycoin MOONxNOON ( moon by noon )

BlockChainPictures missed the rocket to the moon because BlockChainPictures didn't like the idea of waiting around on the rocket ship to take off and having to pay $5 a month to robinhood for my seat to the moon...  I'm not patient.  But that is not excuse I know the game 

I know to HODL

if you don't know now you know 

don't sell out for rent don't sell for cash, Fiat, groceries etc etc.


Cryptocurrencies should be treated as a savings don't pump and dump I've seen the trends I've even been a part of the trends...


not to mention that the gains are minuscule when compared to the massive gains that could've would've been.  Timing is everything, and its still not too late.


BlockChainPictures ( gives not financial advice due your own homework and research before making any decisions investing ) is all in again on dogecoin I've seen the trends and mainstream media cannot deny CryptoCurrencies anymore.  They're here to stay.  


#BTC #doge #eth #xlm #matic #litecoin #ethereumclassic theyre all blowing up again like its 2017 again, but its 2021 and the gains are just as good.


So if you'd like to support artists like BlockChainPictures who may have been able to teach someone else a lesson of what not to do by buying our NFTS for sale at 


BlockChainPictures MoonXNoonBlockChainPictures NFTs for sale


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BlockChainPictures NFT's
BlockChainPictures NFT's

In what will be looked back on as the creeping up the roller coaster in the future people like us will say I remember when bitcoin first hit $1,000 I remember people saying bitcoin will hit $50,000, I also remember thinking if dogecoin hits a penny ill be rich... even after knowing the story of the million $100,000 pizza transaction ( in retrospect ) I sold almost all of my dogecoin a year ago before it began to moon.

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