Farsite [Part 3]

By LodiEzDa | BlockchainCryptoGames | 15 Jun 2021

Farsite [Part 3]


Hello everyone!

I bring the third part of this game, Farsite. The launch was on May 31 and was a success. They sold the first 1000 crates in four hours! I haven't been able to get hold of any of these crates mentioned but I still have a lot of expectations for this game.

At the moment there are very few boxes that we can buy. Triton Crate and Phobos Crate although the second is worth 2.5 Mil. Cr. 

It's crazy I don't have even 300'000Cr 🙃.



Now Iwould like to get to 350'000Cr to get the Triton Crate before they all sell.   The only new thing I've done is connect my metamask wallet with Farsite. This is very simple. 

First we will need to put the eth address of metamask in our Farsite wallet as seen in the image.



Next, we can connect metamask to Farsite. So far I haven't done any thing else (I'm a bit stuck and I also don't have credits for the next crate). Now I have 262'000 Cr which is not so bad and I am very grateful to everyone who has joined since my link.

You can join this great community called Publish0x, too. Here you can earn cryptocurrencies by reading articles. You can also become an author and write about topics you choose. 

It's very simple. Cheer up!   


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