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Ceramic and Unstoppable Domains React App

By Pfed-prog | BlockChain Tech | 23 Nov 2022

The app is available on https://ceramic-unstoppable.vercel.app/

GitHub open-source code is at https://github.com/Pfed-prog/Ceramic_Unstoppable

The blog post with code is available at https://dspyt.com/simple-app-with-ceramic-data-model-and-unstoppable-domains

We implemented Unstoppable Domains Login Option. The application interacts with JS HTTP Client through a public Ceramic node.

In addition we create a deterministic Ceramic Tile and resolve an unstoppable domain which we store in the decentralized profile of the user.

Ceramic allows users to have complete ownership over their data by providing decentralized technologies for authentication and data storage.


About Dspyt Channel:

We are Data Science with Python DAO

Homepage: https://dspyt.com

GitHub DAO Page: https://github.com/dspytdao

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