Farsite - Signup Walk Through

By CGS_CC | Blockchain Space Gaming | 11 May 2021

This is a quick walk through of the signup process for the DEFI MMO Farsite.

First follow this referral link to get to the signup page.  On this page you will want to enter you email address then it will ask for a password and confirmation.


The next screen you will see is your hanger.  As you can see in the screen shot your ship is locked.


If you click on the profile icon in the top right of the screen it shows your account username and that your confirmation is pending.  I would suggest now is a good time to change your username if you like.


Here is the first look at your airdrops tab.  You can see there is no tasks completed yet.


Check your email and you should have the following.


Once you confirm your email and click the links follow Farsite and SPNV on Twitter, subscribe to the Farsite Youtube channel and join the Telegram channel you will have completed the requirements to join the airdrop campaign.


You have now gained 1000 Scores and unlocked your Moon A-1.


There are more tasks to complete to further your advancement in the campaign and unlock a Phase Rail Weapon I, a Kinetic Mining Laser I, a Duralumin Container I and a Moon A-2.  According to the development team more modules to unlock are coming this month.


Thanks for reading and the support!  Be sure to look at my other Farsite content.

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