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Farsite - Credits and Career Paths

By CGS_CC | Blockchain Space Gaming | 3 May 2021

As it stands right now there will be 9 different career paths available to peruse.  Although this is a pretty specific list I would expect it to change somewhat since the game is so early in development. 

Regardless of which career you choose everyone will need credits.



Credits are the in game currency for Farsite.  You might ask if you will have to put up real money to get credits.  From what I can see you can actually earn credits in game.  There will be an internal game market to buy and sell items as well as offer services and request services.  All of these will be ways to earn credits.  Right now the only way to earn credits is with the airdrop campaign.  There is a daily airdrop of white crates which contain among other things credits.  The official store to buy crates will start May 31st.


What career path are you most looking forward to?


From the Farsite guide.

Career Paths

With so many ways to play Farsite, these choices are meant to be yours.


Accomplish delivery contracts to earn Credits for safely moving goods between Stations and Planets. Equip your Ship with powerful Modules or hire Fighters to protect you in low-secure environments.


Acquire a Sector on a Planet and establish your Base to mine and refine Resources those are required for every in-game item production. Sell them to Manufacturers or Traders on a local Station.


Craft Components, Modules and Ships. Master rare items for high margins. Acquire Resources from Miners, rent the facilities or establish your own Base. Acquire rare Blueprints for monopoly on an item.


Become a Pirate to collect loot from random victims or serve as a Mercenary to help Haulers and Traders safely pass dangerous territories. Form Fleets and create coalitions with Corporations.


Discover the vast universe and hunt for exotic Materials. Jump through Stars to find a rare Asteroid, Comet or an Anomaly - you will always have a bunch of stories to tell about your adventures.


Acquire control over a Star to set your own rules and collect Credits from every market deal and service ordered on the territory. Hire Mercenaries to force Corporations develop your territory.


Recruit new Pilots and help them learn basics to get started in the virtual universe. A lifetime share in Credits from every action they perform in the game then may be a good reward.


Open a Corporation, form an Alliance, define the objectives, lead members and manage roles, curate contractors, accumulate Credits and achieve the global dominance.


Follow the market to buy cheap, ship goods where they are in the most demand and make profits. Contract Haulers and Mercenaries to avoid risks, negotiate with Manufacturers for a monopoly.

During the airdrop campaign you have a chance to earn a starter ship and modules.  Also it was just announced today that there are new hanger items to be added soon to the current rewards available.  So go now and start earning those rewards!!


Thanks for reading and the support!  Be sure to look at my other Farsite content.

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