Toncoin Sees Bullish Price Trends & DOGE Investors Shift Focus to BlockDAG as Analysts Predict $30 Trajectory by 2026

By Raghav Sawhney | Blockchain PR Buzz | 16 Apr 2024

Toncoin's (TON) price trajectory shows bullish potential, supported by an ascending channel pattern. However, a drop below support could alter this trend. Meanwhile, Dogecoin (DOGE) investors are exploring alternative opportunities amid the cryptocurrency's price decline, seeking higher returns. This shift in focus suggests a willingness to take risks for greater rewards, possibly driven by the desire for accelerated growth or involvement in innovative projects. 

On the other hand, BlockDAG’s presale remains under limelight as it garners over $17.5 million in total and earns $2.1 million by selling over 4640 miners in nine batches. With BDAG coin currently priced at $0.005 and the next batch to jump to $0.006, BlockDAG strengthens the trajectory towards a potentially big ROI.


Toncoin Signals Bullish Trend

Toncoin's price has been following an ascending channel pattern, indicating a bullish trend. Although bears briefly pushed the price below the channel on April 12 and 13, strong buying near the support line prevented a sustained decline. The focus now is on breaking the resistance around $7.50, which could potentially trigger a rally towards $10. Both moving averages are trending upwards, and the RSI remains in the positive zone, suggesting that buyers are in control. However, a sharp downturn and a close below the support line could invalidate this outlook, leading to a decline towards the 50-day SMA at $4.28.


DOGE Investors Seek 100x Opportunities Amid Price Drop

DOGE investors are currently exploring new opportunities as Dogecoin drops in value. The search for potential 100x returns in 2024 reflects a shift in sentiment among DOGE investors, who may be looking beyond the current market conditions for more profitable investments. 

Despite Dogecoin's popularity and community support, some investors are seeking higher returns elsewhere, possibly driven by the desire for faster growth or new innovative projects. This trend suggests that DOGE investors are actively seeking out new opportunities and are willing to take risks in pursuit of higher rewards.


BlockDAG Miners’ Sales Generate $2.2M Revenue

BlockDAG has made considerable headway, selling 4640+ miners and generating more than $2.2 million in revenue from miner sales. The backbone of BlockDAG's security and reliability is its miners, with early adopters being rewarded handsomely for their contributions. This strategy incentivizes current miners and encourages future participants to engage in network maintenance actively.

As highlighted in BlockDAG’s exclusive keynote video, the X100 miner is a powerhouse in cryptocurrency mining boasting a remarkable 2 TH/s hash rate and 1800W power consumption. This high-performance miner can earn up to 2,000 BDAG coins daily, making it attractive for both individual enthusiasts and large-scale mining operations. Despite its robust performance, the X100 is designed to operate quietly, making it a more environment-friendly option.


The trajectory of BlockDAG is further enhanced by showcasing an unprecedented manner of success in the presale. The presale is progressing steadily, currently in its ninth batch with each coin priced at $0.005. The price is expected to increase to $0.006 in its upcoming batch 10. This trajectory aims to achieve a value of $30 by 2026. With over $17.5 million in presale earnings, BlockDAG is experiencing rapid growth, which is further strengthened by the release of its DAGpaper as analysts  are predicting potentially high ROI for investors of BlockDAG.



BlockDAG showcases the ability to become the top decentralised crypto when compared to Toncoin and DOGE. Its sales of 4640+ miner units, earning $2.2 million, and each BDAG coin seeing a price increase with every batch demonstrate a strong trajectory towards a  predicted potentially high ROI. In contrast, the Toncoin price struggles to maintain its bullish trend, with uncertainties around its $10 target. DOGE investors, while seeking high returns, face challenges amid the coin's price drop. BlockDAG's potential to reach $30 by 2026 solidifies its position as a promising investment opportunity, outshining its competitors.


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