BlockDAG Nears Goal as Its Next Presale Batch Sees $0.001 Price Jump Amidst TRON Transfer and Rising INJ Price

By Raghav Sawhney | Blockchain PR Buzz | 15 Apr 2024

BlockDAG Network charts a bold course to a high valuation by 2025. Amidst its journey, BlockDAG recently launched its 9th presale batch, with the coin price elevating to $0.005, reinforcing its growth trajectory. Comparatively, TRON's blockchain highlights its dominance with a record-breaking $110 billion USDT transfer, highlighting its robust platform, which isvoured for lower transaction costs. 

Meanwhile, Injective (INJ) struggles with price stability, facing oversold signals against bearish trends. This article reveals how BlockDAG advances, matching the promise of potential high ROI, positioning itself alongside other significant players like TRON and Injective.



Record-Breaking $110 Billion TRON Transfer Reinforces Its Dominance

Tron's blockchain has achieved a notable milestone by processing a $110 billion transfer in USDT, outperforming Ethereum regarding transaction volumes. This achievement is driven by Tron's competitive advantage of lower transaction costs, making it a more attractive platform for USDT transactions.


Consequently, over half of the total circulating supply of USDT is now held on the Tron network, emphasizing its increasing importance and preference in the stablecoin market.


INJ Price Tension: Oversold Signals Clash with Bearish Trends

The Injective price is currently stable within a narrow trading range at $33.09, as seen on the four-hour Injective chart. This consolidation may suggest investor accumulation in anticipation of a price increase. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 21.23 also points to potential oversold conditions, which could favor a rebound in the INJ price. 

However, the prevailing bearish sentiment is underscored by the moving average divergence and the MACD indicators. The MACD line remains below the signal line, and an expanding negative histogram signals increasing selling pressure.


BlockDAG's Path by 2025: A $17.3M Presale Triumph

Crossing $17.3 million marks unprecedented success in crypto presales, with BlockDAG leading the charge. This rapid price escalation showcases BlockDAG's market appeal and highlights its potential for substantial investor returns, suggesting a possible 20,000X predicted ROI from initial investments. With the anticipation of the price advancing potentially up to $0.006 in the upcoming 10th batch, BlockDAG's trajectory to a high valuation by 2025 seems potentially feasible, especially given its impressive presale performance.

The technological advancements introduced by BlockDAG further cement its promising future. The launch of the BlockDAG Crypto Payment Card is a game changer, seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency with daily spending while ensuring top-tier security. This innovation enhances the utility of BDAG coins and propels cryptocurrency towards mainstream adoption, bridging the gap with traditional finance.


Moreover, the release of DAGpaper and the subsequent celebration at the Las Vegas Sphere have elevated BlockDAG's profile among crypto assets. These strategic moves have spotlighted BlockDAG’s technological prowess and boosted investor confidence, driving further engagement and investment in the platform.

Considering these factors—stellar presale achievements, significant technological innovations and growing mainstream acceptance—BlockDAG is well-positioned to reach the $10 milestone by 2025. The synergy of market enthusiasm, investor sentiment and continuous technological enhancements forms a solid foundation for BlockDAG's ascent in the cryptocurrency landscape.



BlockDAG, becoming a top crypto gem, is on a stellar rise, notably reaching its 9th presale batch with a coin price of $0.005 and edging closer to a monumental potential high. Set against the backdrop of TRON's impressive transfer volumes and the volatile INJ price, BlockDAG's consistent and robust growth trajectory towards the $10 target by 2025 is remarkable.

Its unprecedented presale success and promising technological strides mark it as a formidable contender in the cryptocurrency arena. BlockDAG is not following the trends but setting them.


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