BlockDAG Achieves Phenomenal Growth with 4.8K Mining Rigs Sold, Initiating a Very Big Price Increase As Toncoin & Polygon (MATIC) Grow

By Raghav Sawhney | Blockchain PR Buzz | 21 Apr 2024

BlockDAG has made significant headlines by selling 4,807 mining rigs, catalysing a massive 400% projected increase in its price during the latest presale event. This development aligns with BlockDAG's strategic goals of attaining an potentially astounding return on investment, potentially positioning it as a leading figure among 2024's top altcoins. 

In contrast, Polygon (MATIC) has grown, observing an 8% rise in its price following a significant uptick in network activities over the past week. Meanwhile, Toncoin is on the verge of reaching its all-time high, further heating up the competitive crypto landscape.


Polygon (MATIC) Grow Amid Declining Social Media Presence

Despite decreased social media visibility, particularly amidst the emergence of Layer 2 solutions and meme-based cryptocurrencies, Polygon's network remains vigorous. It has consistently reported over 1 million daily active addresses for 25 consecutive days, reflecting its robust platform and potential for further growth.


However, while the price of Polygon increased by 8.52% recently, there has been a notable 47.34% drop in trading volume. Additionally, the network's growth rate has slowed, suggesting a potential decrease in interest among new investors in the MATIC network.


Toncoin Sets New All-Time High, Surpassing ADA in Market Ranking

Toncoin has recently achieved a new all-time high, reaching $7.61, which has allowed it to surpass Cardano (ADA) and secure the tenth position in the cryptocurrency market rankings. This milestone, spurred by the buzz around Telegram's planned IPO and ongoing developments, represents a significant achievement for Toncoin. 

With a market capitalization of $25.5 million, Toncoin has edged out Cardano, which stands at $20.6 million. The coin's connection to Telegram and its blockchain initiatives, which started back in 2017 with the Telegram Open Network (TON), has played a crucial role in its success.


BlockDAG's Revolutionary Approach in Mining Industry Leads to Substantial ROI

BlockDAG continues to impress with its aggressive pricing strategy. Now in its ninth presale batch, it has experienced a remarkable 400% surge in its price to $0.005 per coin, which highlights its ambitious target of a high ROI. The excitement surrounding BlockDAG is palpable, particularly with the recent teaser of a keynote video filmed on the moon, hinting at the transformative future of this pioneering mining technology.

BlockDAG employs a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture, as detailed in its foundational DAGpaper, which enhances transaction speeds and reduces the delays commonly associated with traditional mining methods. This improvement in efficiency not only improves the user experience but also opens new applications for BlockDAG, especially in scenarios where time is critical.

BlockDAG has exceeded $2.2 million in sales from its innovative mining rigs in disrupting the crypto mining industry. The network has gained acclaim for the simplicity and accessibility of its mining technology, appealing to both novices and experienced miners. During a keynote at Shibuya Crossing, BlockDAG introduced its X1 mobile mining app, which promises a daily yield of 20 BDAG.


The company also offers various home mining machines that, depending on the machine's capacity, allow users to earn up to 200, 600, and 2000 BDAG daily. This focus on user-friendliness, energy efficiency, and lucrative earning potential underlines BlockDAG's commitment to inclusivity and ease of use, making it an attractive option for a broad audience.


BlockDAG Sets New Standards in Crypto Mining

Despite the gains seen by Polygon and the record highs of Toncoin, BlockDAG has established itself as a leader in the innovative cryptocurrency mining sector. With more than 4,807 miners sold, the platform has demonstrated remarkable growth, boasting a 400% price increase up to its ninth presale batch. Looking forward to a potentially high return on investment, BlockDAG asserts its dominance in the market and promises a bright future that could redefine the landscape for altcoins in the coming years.


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