Gambling with free satoshis? Play Poker! It is a skill game and here you start with a free bankroll

Warning! I am only playing on this site for 2 days now so I do not recommend depositing on this site! However my opinion might change in the future! But I strongly recommend to use free features first!  If you are a gambling addict stay far from this site! I will keep you up to date on how safe this site is. All pics are screenshots from blockchainpoker!

EDIT: I will be starting another blog reporting on my poker activities!


Poker for BTC and BCH and BSV a quick view on


Yeah if you click the LINK then you will go straight to the site you are going to be my refferral and I will get some of the rake you generate!

8% ! I would say thats a nice deal! Invite all your friends who like playing poker and lets grow this community! 

Nice passive income thank you for that!




What is this all about?


Well if you have played No limit Texas Hold´em before you will exactly know what to do! Get yourself some free starting money and go get to the tables and try to reach the payout threshold. 100k satoshi in all three currencies. Wich means you will need some skill or a hell lot of luck to get to 100k satoshis.

Yes I made my straight on the river :)



If you are good enough you can play on the featured table wich is broadcasted on twitch you ca also just watch others play poker by spectating at the tables: LINK to the twitch blockchainpoker channel :


You can play tournaments for free with big pricepools of 25k satoshi thats not bad you will still need to beat a lot of players to get there! 

There is also a bunch of freeroll tournaments with high prices!






You can play sit and go tournaments, by the time I was on, there was only one sit and go.

1c423c0ab303d4443740a903d34d4d3289b429f365ae6e3411c0797dd07dc211.pngYou can also play the classic cash game where blinds start at 1/2 and go all the way up to high stakes games with blinds of 1mil/2mil.








There is a possibility to deposit on the site, but I do not see any advantage coming from that yet. On the low stakes the rake structure is brutal with 5% rake and no cap. That means 5% of every pot goes back to the site! The rake structure is flattening out to the top.







You can also create your own table and set your blinds manually. You can protect them with a password so only your friends can join.



This is me waiting for other players! You wanna join come on in!




honestly, you have nothing to loose except your starting money wich is free and you can claim as many free barrels to start over if you loose it all. This is a no brainer if you like playing poker. With a serious approach and a tight bankroll management you can make good money on this site! I will keep you updated when I reach the payout limit. 





Gameplay is really easy and user friendly only multi tabeling is quite hard since it is browser based. I will try if it works on a mobile phone but i cant see why it wouldn´t work. 


For me there is only one thing! I am considering myself a decent player and I have made some major cashprices in online poker before. So here is the deal my challenge is to get to 100k sat and pay out buy winning as much cash on the free tournaments as possible. I mean thats 45$ for free! Also I hope to have a lot of players register through my affiliate link so I can make 8% on the rake generated. That would be a nice passive income stream!

No brainer! Its free so I at least try to get to the first 100k so I can cash out and see if that works.

They have a transparent FAQ section where they explain everything. Generally the site seems pretty legit and I will be doing another deep dive to see what I can learn and share with you!

So long howdy ho and see you at the tables! Good luck! Remember poker is a game of skill :)





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I am all about building passive income streams, I would also like to help others with doing so.

blockchain poker diary
blockchain poker diary

These are the tales of my journey through the tables of blockchain poker. I will be posting updates as I fight my way to 100k satoshi just with free roll tournaments. Feel free to register with my link to make me some sweet passive income. You can join the site for free so why not give it a try? This is me gambling, this is no investment advice just classic No Limit Holdem!

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