Bitcoin is being hindered in NYS by bureaucratic BS. Whilst NY is asleep regarding a technologically superior form of currency; the rest of the country and the rest of the world are at the beginning phase of greater mass adoption.  Instead of leading the way, NYS turned up its nose, and walked away. We've already lost too much innovation to Chinese copycat products and companies looking for low cost/high throughput.

The US has lost jobs in manufacturing, tech,  health care, and even customer service. The outsourcing of American goods and services has become a very profitable business plan, but at great cost to our country.
Everything from food, clothing, medicine, toys, electronics, machinery, furniture, and more.  This list of top ten, will give insight as to how much we rely on the Chinese work force. 
1:  PC's, 2:  phones, 3:  solar cells, 4:  air conditioners, 5:  shoes,
6:  cement, cement shoes (jk - couldn't resist) 7:  energy saving lamps, 8:  ships, 9:  clothing, and 10:  coal. 

Companies that choose China for manufacturing goods cite better service, reproducibility, and scale.
Over $560 billion Chinese made products are imported into the US from China. That's a staggering 21%  of the total money spent on ALL US products.  The disparity in US trade with China was $379 billion.  US  exports to China is a miniscule 7.2% of all US exports.



New York State is the only state in the union that has strict regulations and/or all out ban.  China introduced the digital Yuan this past week.

The entire world is moving towards adoption, except NYS. We have a government that regulates us into poverty.  They're more than happy to have citizens dependent on government. Wealthy investors, on the other hand; are allowed access to trading in crypto. They make the rules and know how to break them.

The technology behind crypto is nothing short of astounding. Necessity breeds invention. There are plenty of reasons necessitating crypto; inflation, privacy, and security are key.

Lastly, there are other indicators that we are on the cusp of major adoption for crypto. The establishment of funds, futures, and similar traditional investing avenues are rapidly being deployed for cryptocurrency. College campuses across the globe are offering courses/degrees in blockchain and crypto to feed an industry that is growing exponentially.  The need and introduction of ATM machines that support cryptocurrency.  Under banked areas like S. Africa are also pioneering the road to adoption.





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Blockchain is my business
Blockchain is my business

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