Empty pockets dont let you play Splinterlands and axie infinity, try this game(F2P meets P2E)

Empty pockets dont let you play Splinterlands and axie infinity, try this game(F2P meets P2E)

By abhi4u | Blockchain-is-game | 20 Jul 2021

Splinterlands and Axie infinity are the buzz things the blockchain gamers, sure nft integration to the games is a nice thing it is a much appreciated among games, they give players a reward and if the game and blockchain on which it is based both boosts up well you even end up getting a 200$ per  character(axie), but sadly there is also an entry barrier which tends to be high


I wont lie i have never played axie infinity and might never will if the prices stays so high, it is better to sit shoot someone up in pubg instead and chill. Splinterland is a more than nice i have fun so far the choice of faction and cards (massively huge amount of cards) random mana pool keeps the game interesting. Most people actually never want to spend the money out of their pocket nether did I wanted to play but don't have enough dollars up with me. Luckily I managed to get my funds via hive, but assume most of you already now about it if you are interested in Splinterlands, sure their are other option like joining up the scholarship programs which both games have but they have a lot of queries and you will be sharing the profits which seems fair cause they take early on risks. Still you wont own any of the nft but you get to play the game, so not that bad right.

Play to earn(P2E)

This games are designed in a manner that when a player plays the game he actually gets transferable assets in game or currency it could be anything so you don't get joy of playing the game you earn something more and that something more usually have a monetary value attached to it depending on the popularity of the game.

Free to play(F2P)

This is used to refer the games that can be played without any payment, additional reward or some features might stay hidden behind the pay wall. But most of the time you can have decent gameplay without paying anything

Play to earn and free to play are not mutually exclusive

There are some other options that actually claim to be free to play and play to earn, but honestly most of them are good for nothing (they are worth money stupid) but are not fun to play. Take example of uplander you start the game bought one property you will be stuck for months before you can became a uplander and actually enjoy the game if it is possible for you, no offense to uplander but i simply didn't like the game. Their are people in that game earning actual money in the game so it is possible that it might be your thing, give it a shot if you like.

Kingdom Karnage the hidden gem


The reason because of which I am writing this post is Kingdom Karnage (click to join), it is a turn based tactical card game. Game is in beta at the moment but available on steam, android and browser based(no IOS yet) so it is cross platform. Game's assets(NFT) is based on Enjine network jumpnet so their isn't a gas fee involved and the transactions are quick.

It is actually a nice combination of the P2E and F2P modal you can enjoy the game from the very beginning without spending a single penny of your own. You start up with the campaign and capture various rewards on the way while familiarizing yourself with the game and it's characters. it is quite enjoyable over all from the very beginning. their are consistent reward for the players in game.




Normally the battle take place in two lanes, but it is different for the dungeons where each battle takes place in three lane instead of two. Each player have 30 cards into his deck each having a value of its own due to unique character abilities like freeze, stun, heal, pierce. And did i mention they are doing an airdrop where you might get catacomb key which was last sold at a 100$. It had over 3800 active users last month remember this is just beta.


So the game has decent chances of growth in my opinion, you can get the benefit of early joining. Try the game for yourself don't trust me(Just go their, try it. Be gone already), you might be intrigued by the game enough to make a post about it.

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I am abhi became a crypto enthusiast after Tesla decided to accept BTC for payment, so I enter the whole game at possibly one of the worst times, of this year but fingers are crossed. I am here mostly to learn, but if possible would share some knowledge.


They say cryptocurrency is a game. If it is, it's biggest and oldest player bitcoin at this time of writing had market cap above 600,000,000,000 that is over 600 billion if zeroes seems to big and all time high it was almost dobule this figure that makes it a little above 1trillion. Yes it one of the few entities that managed to get that kind of net worth but keep in mind it is the youngest one also while half of the world thinking it is a scam cheat anything but stable. So yeah the game is blockchain

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