The NFT coming from the Moon. Literally

By MikeZillo | Blockchain Insights | 22 Jan 2022

Yeah, the title told you exactly what will be going on in April in Modena, Italy.
But let’s start from the beginning, so I can explain you what leads me talking about this!
It was June 2020 when Rossano Ferrari, an important Italian painter contacted me to “tokenize” his paintings. It was a moment when I was getting really deep into the tokenization of companies, assets but for a purpose of investment. And the cost for such tokenization was really high: we are talking of tens of thousands of USD.
Anyway, Rossano got my attention, thanks to several solo exhibition that he made in Russia, USA, Italy, San Marino and so on.
He also managed to send one of his paintings into the International Space Station. Here a picture of the floating “Venere in the Space”, the painting that has been on the ISS.


Venere in the space from Rossano Ferrari


He also painted with his art important privees of restaurants in San Marino.

You can check all Rossano’s work directly from his website

Later on, the wave of NFTs started growing and many different platforms became widely available. Among the others I evaluated Nifty Gateway, Portion, OpenSea and Rarible. We went for Rarible because it allowed us to make a “verified profile” of the artist, something that on Opensea was not yet available.

And there started Rossano’s journey into NFT art. You can check Rossano’s NFTs here

Rossano works with Sergio Bevilacqua, an international art-sociologist that has defined Rossano’s art as a chromatic double mosaicist, and here is what Mr. Bevilacqua thinks about artistic NFTs:
“Art collection is well-known from the Bronze Age with ancient forms of jewels.

So, why art can be collected also through NFTs?

Since some years, our life is running more and more into the "Infosphere", reducing the time spent into the "Real Life".

Our environment has to be reconsidered: some years ago what was virtual had a definite position and role into our life and the Real Life was more powerful than now. Now the mind presence into Real Life has decreased down to 1/20th if compared to one decade ago.

Virtual habits have now permeated all aspects of Real Life, making it a Matrix, where many traditional pleasures have changed shape and manifestation.

A couple of decades ago we lived into the infosphere for up to 15% of our time. Now we are at 70% taking into account the attention drainage caused by smartphones and other wearables. Among these pleasures that are now happening into the infosphere, we have to mention art collections, that was earlier related to just the "Real Sphere". Now artworks are taking part also into the Infosphere.

These NFT-artworks can be shared, through the infosphere, with our guests, with our friends across the world, creating a new form of art collecting, strongly related (as always!) to this dimension of the personality of the collector. Each individual, with its own personality will have its own form of pleasure, that have increasing representations into the infosphere: so, it goes further the real creation proper of the collection, that lives today more and more in the infosphere, and, then, on NFT-artworks.”


Boom! From Rossano Ferrari

Publishing NFTs is not just a matter of drag and dropping some image into the Blockchain. It’s a matter of capitalization of the painting, of number of tokens.
We started from a parameter that is typical of each artist: in particular, calling “K” that parameter, the internationally recognized price for a painting is:
Price (in €) = K x length (in centimetres) x height (in centimetres) x 10
The result of this calculation leads to the price in Euro.
Starting from the official price, we then calculate the order of amplitude that NFTs can bring to the author and to its creations.
NFTs bring the possibility of the creation of a high number of certified copies, creating liquidity into a illiquid market by definition. Furthermore, the creation of a number of certified copies of the same painting allows several different owners, that according to the Metcalfe Law, makes the value of the item increase with the number of users. Metcalfe Law was created for phones so it was talking about users. In this case we are talking about owners.
NFT art-accessibility increases the capitalization that the NFT are worth: in that case, we decided what
Coming to the big news, the ones that I can tell you, Rossano is drawing a lot of astrological constellations since weeks to be ready for the 12th February 2022 exhibition.


There will be 12 constellations, representing the 12 zodiac sign, plus a 13th constellation. What will it be and where will it be represented?
Every constellation will be projected into the planetary in Modena and every painting will be also tokenized into NFT.
If you have already checked Rossano’s NFT profile you will see that some NFTs have a high number of copies.
Due to the exclusiveness of this event and to the relevancy of the subjects of the paintings, these NFTs will have a much lower number of copies, making them very exclusive.
I will be the one that will create those NFTs, so I am sharing with you this insight. I am not saying that they will be sold in a few minutes. I am not that kind of “marketeeeeeeer”. I am not a marketeer at all. I just feel that those NFTs may have great success, since some other solo Exhibitions have been already planned both in Japan and in San Marino.
See ya!


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