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Mining Network : This is pretty new game in the Wax market, the look and feel is very much unique ,when you open the game you can get a good old feeling of 90's or early 2000's era. You can find out this is windows 98 or windows 95.

I like the essence of this old form. Though this is a NFT game and  basically a mining simulator.

Here you will get a free NFT while you log in for the very first time in the  game.  You can see your free ASIC miner with level 1 in your  MY ASICS section.

You press the STAKE button and it will start earning /mining  BTK token for you.

It's native token is BTK (BITCAKE).  ever second it generated a share of BTK according to the mining power and number of miners you are having right now.

You can upgrade every miner to next lever  and for that you have to spend your BTK. 

Your free NFT can be upgraded upto Level 100 and that gives 6.5751 SH/s. 

You can buy directly from Atomic hub to  right now it is selling below 1$ .

Another variation of NFT is there apart from Free, that is common, that is also available in the Atomic hub .

BTK has total supply

 21000000.0000 BTK 

and after next 109 days it will have it's first halving , in regular interval it will have its halving to maintain the price of the token  in control.

After you mine for some times you can go to my asic and then pre COLLECT REWARDS.

And then go to EXCHANGE  option and sell your shares into BTK.

You will at once see those BTK into your alcore.excahnge  wallet.

current price of btk is 0.52wax


Here is the details of the game in this video   


Website link :

Please let me know how do you like this new game.



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