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By elemin | Blockchain Gaming1 | 17 Apr 2021

logo_collect144.10581f0e.png is a game I happened to come across thumbing through A reviewer left it a nasty review, and so I thought I'd give it a shot and see if it was as crappy as described.

There is a simple premise: gather as many cards of the collection as possible, and gain Racoon Coins & XP.  I used my WAX wallet, and it synced all of my NFT's, and I even got a few achievements! Signing up was a breeze. From what I gather of the developer's roadmap, the game seems to be somewhere in the midst of phase 1 and 2.


The game revolves around collecting NFT's and creating different, unique NFT's, via achievements (ie collecting NFT's).  All sounds very convoluted doesn't it?  It's not, thankfully! NFT's can be acquired via


Using the link above the collection is sorted cheapest to most expensive, and puzzle pieces start at about .90!  You'll need to collect more than a few to complete the puzzle.  There are about 144 pieces!



There's also, of course, a leaderboard, and you can view another collector's stash.  It's a Top 40, and it starts at a little over $1,200, with the number one slot being valued at $10.2k.  I would expect that to change as more and more people hear about the game though, as $10,200 is nothing in the crypto world. 

Watch the video below for more information!

If this piece was enjoyable, use one of my referral links as a thank you!  See you next time!


See you around Sweethearts,





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