- an Action-STACKED Battler ft beautiful WAIFU FIGHTERS - an Action-STACKED Battler ft beautiful WAIFU FIGHTERS

By elemin | Blockchain Gaming1 | 22 Apr 2021


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Chojo Crypto Girls Arena has been in development for a little over a year.  It combines gorgeous and expressive manga, turn-based RPG elements, and quests.  A good chunk of the game is in japanese, however, there are plans to bring an english translation.

One neat feature is the Auto-mode, for when you want to just sit back and watch everything unfold.  You can also manually input each strike, and there's a fast forward button to speed things along when you're on the grind.


The game can still be enjoyed by a non-native, and there's lots of great artwork and music to groove to.  The same people who develop Chojo CGA, are also behind Contract Servant, Brave Frontier Heroes, CryptoSpells, and Cryptooink.  Interplay operability is also possible, being able to bring some of the characters from game to game.  It registered just fine with MetaMask for me (on the Ethereum network), and you can play for NFT's!


The game has received poor ratings on both iOS and Android, but honestly, I'd suspect that's because it's not in english, and so people are complaining and voting by that.  I'd say it's on par with Splinterlands as far as battlers go, quality-wise.  Looking forward to being able to read along and understand more of the backstory, when that update will come along I'm not certain and was unable to find any further information.  I'll keep you posted, and this article updated, should I find out more.

You can download Chojo for iOS & Android below, it's also available to play on the web:


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