State of the dApp - A Hive Blockchain Game Dev Recap | Issue #5


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Find it difficult at times to keep track of all the blockchain games in development across the Hive blockchain, well look no further.


IBT Survival Island

@ibt-survival | IBT Survival Island - Weekly Update

Welcome to another weekly IBT survival Island update - exclusive to Hive. In these weekly updates we will do our best to briefly provide IBT community members with an update on our developing PC game, yup the one to have Crypto interactions.




@dcitygame | dCity: Get Out & Vote For Your Next Prez!

dCity officially introduces in-game governance, and stake weighted voting. I think this is quite possibly a first in the crypto gaming space, correct me if I'm wrong.




@splinterlands | New Reward Cards Revealed - The Final Four!

All of the 14 new Reward Edition cards are scheduled to be added into the game on Monday, June 29th around 9 - 10 AM ET.



Crypto Brew Master

@cryptobrewmaster | Invest in Cryptobrewmaster Beer Brew | Lets celebrate upcoming Alpha Version with an ALPHA BEER

As been mentioned in Steem Meetup Aachen (I guess it was the last official real Steem meetup in Europe by the former community) and planned even earlier in Bangkok that the best players of @cryptobrewmaster could receive a possibility to brew their own beer and get their names on the bottle, or just get mentioned, we are looking forward to making that happen!




@holybread | HOLYBREAD - Developers BLOG #1

Today is the 1st post in a new weekly series that will be our Developers Blog. In this series I want to give a bit more of insight into changes that are coming and our thought process behind them. Today I am going to touch on Gameplay / Arena Rewards / Combat






@elindos | EXODE reveals new cards and is nearing release of next version!

The previous weeks have been truly amazing! There are more than 50 000 cards now in existence, all with their NFTs, and more than 1000 market commands such as new listings, transfers and purchases executed over the last ten days only.




Rising Star

@risingstargame | BIG NEWS!!! Random Card Packs Now Include AT LEAST ONE RARE CARD OR HIGHER!

Now we have enough rare cards to guarantee at least one in EVERY PACK! Good luck with your pack openings!



@piggericks | Piggericks Game Play

Piggericks game play video released.

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