League of Kingdoms: Open Beta! Play Now For Free!
League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms: Open Beta! Play Now For Free!

By Luke B | Blockchain Games | 4 Jul 2020

League of Kingdoms’ is an MMO Strategy game where gamers fight for dominion. You can fully own and seamlessly trade digital assets through NFT technology. You will participate in game governance through transparent voting and congress system.



This game has a hint of “Clash of Clans” which makes League of Kingdoms a unique experience for players meaning not only will you create this all-powerful, mighty kingdom you will be able to use your military to attack other kingdoms and test their strength with your friends and strategic partnerships to dominate the map!

This game is FREE to play so anybody can play it however while in beta it is only available to those on PC/Laptop. Click Here to Start your Conquest!




As the famous saying goes “Two heads are better than one” so you better make sure you find other kingdoms to team up with as you do not want to be caught on your own by another alliance looking to conquer the continent plus if you do not have allies who will defend you when your enemies attack?! Want to join an alliance so you are not playing alone??

Join “Tudo” discord here and join an alliance in the top 10 ranks with over 7 Million Power! — Tudo Alliance Discord


Your Kingdom

Upgrading your kingdom is most important, this will determine how capable your armies, the kingdom is at defending and attacking rivals so you will definitely want to make sure your base is as powerful as can be!

Now firstly you will want to start with building farms, quarries, gold mines and lumberjacks on your outer fields before you do anything which will then give you a passive income which you can collect then use to upgrade your kingdom or troops! Remember to start and build your kingdom will cost nothing so this is free to play! For all those just looking to create an empire with their friends!


Quests To Complete!

There are several quests to complete some are daily quest which you earn “extra” rewards for so i highly recommend completing those for the chests you can get, the main quests can pay you massive amounts of resources if you complete many of them at once and then collect them all at once can really bump up your resources just make sure you have been upgrading your kingdom!


VIP + Login Bonus

These can be useful for giving your kingdom and armies the edge when it comes to battle and building times!

The more resources you have the faster, bigger you can build so a steady flow of resources topped up with these bonuses will set you up nicely to fight the best! As you can see from the below image having a VIP status gives you plenty of added bonuses!




Your Armies

You can build all kinds of troops for your army from infantry to cavalry who rank from levels 1 to 3 and you have 3 different types of each unit.

These units will defend and be your attacking force when trying to conquer enemy lands throughout your conquest so make sure your hospital is upgraded and ready to deal with your wounded.




Advancing Your Troops!

You will initially start out with basic infantry, archers and cavalry however to advance these and unlock higher tiers you will need to upgrade your academy to make sure you can research the correct skills to then unlock these advanced soldiers.

As you can see from the above image you will need to progress through the different upgrade boxes to unlock better, more advance soldiers, however, this is very capable when part of a big alliance and everybody is helping eachother complete their tasks, build.




Tudo Alliance

If your looking for an alliance to join so you can be part of something bigger and have a better chance at winning when the events start soon then check out mine and some friends alliance we already have over 19 people and aiming for 50 in there all building, getting ready for when the “shield wall” ends and all kingdoms are free to start planning their conquest (Ends 06/07/2020).

Once this shield wall ends it will be down to who you are allied with and how strong your army is, so make sure you find some friends in-game!

Once again you can join our discord server here and we can help you get set up in our area “B1” where we have most of the land. https://discord.com/invite/CywC6DD



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