What is Tronlink?


It is a decentralized wallet based on the digital currency TRON. Also, it is in close touch with the main network of the TRON team thus providing you immediate assistance and bug fixes thus leading towards secure asset management.
Tronlink serves almost 90% of the TRON users and has all the popular TRON Dapps. All TRON based tokens are supported and it provides you with a clean and easy to use interface on mobiles and PCs. Even TRON’s founder and CEO – Justin Sun has backed the Tronlink’s wallet thus laying to rest any rumours about its authenticity.
TRON is a digital currency which has the potential to compete with companies like Facebook, Google etc to provide us with digital media.

link wallet



What are Tronlink points?

Tronlink points are just a reward that the Tronlink team shares with their new users. How much are they worth? we really don't know. Taking a look at the recent launch of Uniswap's UNI token, we must admit that nothing is impossible in the world of digital currency. As these points are provided free of charge, we recommend that you continue to accumulate these points and we hope they can provide you with great benefits.



How to claim?

Download Tronlink Pro on the Appstore OR Play Store to earn 300 Points.
Expect 1 point = 1 $ Step 1. Go to App store (if using iPhone) or Play Store (if using Android) Step 2. Search for an app called Tronlink or Tronlink Pro -> Download the app to your personal phone Step 3. Create a new Tronlink account or import any Tron wallet you have to Tronlink account. Step 4. Go to the “Me” section under the tab menu then Click 'Friend Invitation -> Select Invite a Friend Step 5. Select “Claim Rewards” and enter this invite code : pFMP Link App tronklink Don't know if this works but why not try if it is free.
Note if you have already Installed TRON LINK Pro then click on
ME >> Friend Invitation >> Claim Reward ( Right Side Up ) >> Enter pFMP as Invitation Code




How to redeem Tronlink points?

But they do suggest that these points can be used to exchange credits for mainstream tokens such as TRX, BTC, ETH or BTT in future.
These points can also be used for value-added services on the platform and for the exchange of goods in the credit shop.


Good Luck


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