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Diko privacy cryptocurrency strictly following Satoshi Nakamoto vision of privacy and decentralisation

Satoshi Nakamoto first shared the vision for a private currency via the Bitcoin white paper in October 2008, over 11 years ago. Satoshi’s dream was for a decentralised world where the people had complete control over their finances and could conduct transactions in a trustless environment. This vision was later actualized in 2009 through the development of the Bitcoin blockchain that enabled decentralised peer-to-peer transactions.

However, bitcoin’s ability to ensure completely anonymous transactions has been compromised as wallet addresses can be traced to individuals through their digital footprint. For this reason, Bitcoin is now considered pseudonymous.

Whereas, individuals are not required to provide private identification information to use bitcoin, regulatory authorities and other interested parties can link addresses to their owners using their online activity.

Users have also complained about the difficulty of using Bitcoin due to its technicality with issues such as illegible wallet address cited as a hindrance for its use.

Diko seeks to correct this vulnerability by creating a completely anonymous cryptocurrency that can be easily sent over a decentralised network just as Satoshi envisioned.


Diko allows anonymous cryptocurrency transactions via blockchain-based emails

The Diko cryptocurrency development is centred on privacy with the ultimate goal of facilitating completely anonymous transactions. This is exactly what Satoshi had in mine while creating Bitcoin.

Diko also aims to go a step further and improve the simplicity of using cryptocurrencies. The Diko platform will enable sending cryptocurrencies anonymously to email addresses just like PayPal.

The Diko solution will feature a blockchain based email service on their decentralized platform. The emails will be stored in users’ crypto wallets. This will ensure users have super secure and censorship resistant email addresses enabled by asymmetric encryption. Users can point an email address to their wallet on the Diko blockchain to enable receiving cryptocurrency.

This solution tackles all the aforementioned issues and adds an extra layer of simplicity to Diko cryptocurrency transactions.

Crypto transactions via email improve security, anonymity and user experiences

Firstly, Diko will ensure completely anonymity as the blockchain obscures all transactions using the Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology.

Secondly, it increases the ease of sending cryptocurrency as the illegible blockchain addresses are replaced by human readable names. All one needs to send funds is know the recipient’s email address. The customization feature will allow people to create email address with their actual names. This not only enhances the platform’s security but also enhances the user experiences, as there is no more worry of sending funds to the wrong address.

These features are testament to the effective combination and implementation of privacy and decentralisation by Diko cryptocurrency. This is all in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto.  



Diko seeks to revive Satoshi dream of giving back power to the people by creating the Diko blockchain, a decentralised platform. The platform will enable sending anonymous transactions using the DIKO cryptocurrency, simply via email just like PayPal.

So far, the Diko project has been personally funded out of pocket by Diko Tesla, the founder and inventor, investing £200,000. This amount has been used to fund the initial operations including research, development, legal fees, and staff among others. 

The Diko team plans to conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise additional funds to facilitate the actualization of the platform. The ICO will run from April 1st through to November 1st 2020 with the aim of selling 10,500,000 DIKO tokens. The price for each token is $2.62.

The funds obtained from the ICO will facilitate development, marketing, and operations of the Diko blockchain.

Grab this opportunity and be among the first to get on board this game changing initiative.

For more details and updates about the Diko project visit 


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