Diko cryptocurrency stands out among privacy-focused cryptocurrencies
Diko cryptocurrency

Diko cryptocurrency stands out among privacy-focused cryptocurrencies

The demand for privacy-focused cryptocurrencies is growing with increasing awareness about the vulnerabilities of the existing financial system. Consumer concerns keep rising in respect to data privacy, confidentiality of their financial transactions and security of their funds. The growing fears are fuelling demand for a new kind of financial system. One that keeps users’ personal data private, their funds secure, and confidentiality over financial transactions.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have emerged as the natural alternative and obvious remedy for these problems. However, these solutions fall short due to their complexity and relative difficulty to use. The available privacy cryptocurrencies thus pose a new set of challenges meaning they are not ideal remedy for these problems. Popular privacy-focused cryptocurrencies like Monero, Zcash, and Dash have their fair share of limitations that counteract their anonymity capabilities.


Diko is a novel solution that addresses the underlying issues without the baggage of existing privacy cryptocurrencies. It allows people to send funds anonymously via email just like PayPal.

Diko supports secure, anonymous transactions

Diko, the newest privacy cryptocurrency has all the hallmarks of a revolutionary invention.

An in-depth analysis of this newly minted cryptocurrency reveals some novel features that are redefining anonymity, and simplicity. In a space that is growing bigger and increasingly relevant, Diko clearly stands out from its peers.

The cryptocurrency easily blends two elusive concepts in a seamless manner that has been previously unsuccessful in the blockchain space. Diko brings together anonymity and simplicity by marrying cutting-edge technology with creativity, and a deep understanding of customer experience. The result is a representation of the unique and flawless execution of the platform’s goal to enable sending funds anonymously via email.

The Diko platform uses the Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) system as the underlying infrastructure to support anonymous transactions. ZKP blockchain architecture is a tried, tested and proven foundation for privacy-based coins. Development of Diko on a ZKP foundation ensures retention of all the privacy capabilities, which is in line with the platform’s strong dedication to achieving confidentiality for financial transactions. 


Diko enables sending cryptocurrency via email

The Diko development team is also building an additional layer that sits atop this blockchain infrastructure. This serves as the interactive platform specifically developed to deliver unique user experiences. The combination of these two innovations helps Diko to achieve a specific dexterity that has eluded many privacy coin developers. It not only eliminates the complexities of blockchain technology but also allows Diko to go a step further. It allows the cryptocurrency to deliver on its promise of a super easy to use platform that allows sending crypto via email addresses. 


The capabilities of the Diko cryptocurrency are the perfect representation of a unique merger that defies odds. At the core, the platform is the epitome of complexity thanks to the robust underlying blockchain architecture. Yet, at the surface, i.e. user level, the Diko platform is the embodiment of simplicity. In its holistic sense, the development of the Diko cryptocurrency and platform is the personification of ingenuity. One that screams innovation, oozes quality, and exudes the dedication of the vision guiding its creators.


The Diko project will be conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from April 1st through to November 1st 2020 with the aim of selling 10,500,000 DIKO tokens. The price for each token is $2.62. The funds obtained from the ICO will facilitate development, marketing, and operations of the Diko blockchain.

Grab this opportunity and be among the first to get on board this game changing initiative.

For more details and updates about the Diko project visit https://www.dikocoin.com/

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