The first honest rating of crypto projects, companies and people with a transparent process of voting

Crypto Awards: People's Choice. Best of the Best

By Laura M | Blockchain Fest | 7 Jun 2021

Crypto Awards

Crypto Awards is a project where the ratings can actually be trusted 

The first honest rating of crypto projects, companies and people with a transparent process of voting based on feedback and reviews from real crypto users and customers is now going live at The project itself is presented by Finexpo, an event producer with over 18 years of experience on the market.

What is special about Crypto Awards is that it is actually people’s choice. 72 nominations are created by real market experts to provide a fair and transparent competition between over 1,000 industry projects, companies, exchanges and even people. People about people sounds phenomenal, so some special nominations are created specially to honor the most significant personas in the industry.

The rating will take over all areas of the crypto industry. The mechanism is pretty simple: people from all over the world are reviewing and ranking the project, therefore selecting the best of the best. Without doubt, such ratings help potential clients and new people in the industry select the most reliable space for a safe investment.

This ranking will become a yearly event and Finexpo will announce the first winners in the end of 2021. What is interesting is if the COVID 19 situation is safe by the end of the year, the actual ceremony promises to become global together with the Blockchain Fest in Cyprus.

CRYPTO AWARDS are rankings where each nominee is competing for the honor to be named the best of the best, so expect more throughout 2021

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Blockchain Fest
Blockchain Fest

Blockchain Fest will take place in June 2021 in Cyprus and will cover the widest range of most viral topics in the industry, so that experts from all over the world get the opportunity to not only share their knowledge and experience but to discover even more in the process. Two-day B2B event will be hosted in Limassol to welcome 1,000 visitors on spot as well as over 10,000 online users to network, build connections, share the experiences and dive deeper into blockchain innovations

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