How to Be Part of the Blockchain Revolution
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How to Be Part of the Blockchain Revolution

By alexroan | Blockchain Developer | 30 Apr 2020

The biggest paradigm shift in modern society is coming

Over the past 10 years or so we’ve seen booms and busts in cryptocurrency. The hype around Blockchain technology has generally followed these trends. What most people don’t know is that Blockchain is growing behind the scenes, even in downtimes.

Despite not being at the forefront of consumer’s imagination right now (which generally happens when crypto prices are stagnant), consortiums like Linux and huge private organizations like IBM are building on Blockchain technology for the future.

For all you HODLers out there, I don’t mean to say that the tokens or coins you bought a few years back will be rendered useless, quite the opposite. There’s a place for permissionless blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and there is an even bigger place for permissioned blockchains like Hyperledger.

The revolution is coming, make sure you’re part of it when it does.

What Does This Mean?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with any new disruptive technology is the lack of understanding. Any time “useability” is mentioned within Blockchain the standard response is “It won’t go mainstream until someone figures out how to explain it properly”.

That’s flat out wrong.

The underlying protocol of a disruptive technology doesn’t need to be understood by the masses to be used by the masses. Guess how many of the estimated 4.57 billion internet users can explain HTTP, the base protocol used to serve and access websites? My generous guess is less than 10% (which would still be 457,000,000 people… bit of a stretch).

However, being on the right side of that statistic before the revolution takes hold can prove extremely beneficial.

Educate yourself on what Blockchain is and why it’s important. Think of ways in which your organization could benefit from it. Educate your friends and family on why a trustless form of transacting is beneficial to the world.

If you’re more of a techy like me, why not dip your toe into Blockchain development?

Educate yourself and become a source of knowledge for when the curve goes parabolic.

You Are The Average Of Your Peers

I would love to think that the world was a truly meritocratic place. To some extent it is, but in the truest sense of meritocracy, it doesn’t fit the bill. You could be the most naturally gifted cryptographic engineer, but if you don’t have a network of other like-minded individuals with eyeballs on your work, you aren’t getting anywhere.

Introduce yourself.

It sounds so simple, and it’s such an unnatural thing for the stereotypical introverted technologist, but you need a network. Everyone who wants to get anywhere needs a network. We are social creatures and for output to have any benefit to society, which is what Blockchain is here for, connecting with others is paramount.

You’ll have no trouble finding Blockchain meetups in your nearest city. Just head to and search “Bitcoin”, “Blockchain”, or “Ethereum”. Declare your interest and spread the word.

No one built an empire standing on an island by themselves.

We are social creatures who amazingly seem to create imbalanced equations when we work together. This is what the phrase “The sum is greater than its parts” means. Somehow, when we work together, the output of 4 people working well together is far greater than the sum output of those 4 individuals working alone.

Be part of the revolution by meeting and being visible to others.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There is a growing ecosystem at play right now. One that is stabilizing as time goes by. I’m no financial advisor, but this is a chance to fund an ecosystem you believe in.

Sure, the time for 1000x gains is probably over, that boat has sailed. That might be a kick in the teeth, but anyone who benefitted from investing a large amount of money in a cryptocurrency in the early days went through a few years of being considered crazy. Not forgetting the emotional rollercoaster of booms and busts they endured in the process. not everyone is mentally headstrong enough to deal with that.

If you believe in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, investing in it by buying some is the first big step you can take to be part of it.

Hell, making a bunch of money is a bonus if it happens.

Use Your Imagination

It’s easy to see these projects spit out white papers, yellow papers, blue, red, black, green, purple and rainbow. You’re never really going to understand or make anything like that right?

Why not?

What’s being more of a part of something than actually making it?

Your career is a huge aspect of life, and changing or altering course is a very big decision. But it is possible. If you find yourself spending your commute to and from work listening to podcasts about Blockchain and crypto projects, I’m willing to bet you have a sense of wanting to be more a part of it than you feel you can.

It’s like you know so much about it, and you can see it, but when you reach out to touch it, it’s just too far. So you’re content with sitting from a distance, watching and being pub-quiz knowledgable on the whole thing.

Create something.

Learn some Blockchain development skills. Try creating a Smart Contract for Ethereum.

There is a HUGE demand for, and a scarcity of, developers the world over. Showing just basic knowledge of Blockchain can place you lightyears ahead of most. Not to mention the above-market salaries for Blockchain-related roles.

Is It The Right Time?

“A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.” — Carlos Castaneda

It’s never really the right time to do anything. But acting is how you find out. Otherwise, life is a list of almost-dids, should’ve-dones and could’ve beens.

Be part of the Blockchain Revolution.

Further Reading

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