Think Your Tokens Are Going to the Moon? IOST Wants NASA to Take Them There

The Earth's moon is the ultimate figurative destination for every cryptocurrency. And the team over at IOST wants to take their tokens there.

In yet another real-world application for blockchain tech, the cryptosphere's #58 ranked project is in talks with NASA to help build blockchain-powered solutions for missions to outer space.

Now, it's important to note that there's no official partnership or agreement in place. Instead, this is a mere opening of the lines of communication.

Although it sounds like a SciFi fantasy, blockchain tech is already in space -- satellites are beaming the BTC blockchain to Earth as you read this.

IOST + NASA is a match made in the cosmos. I hope they one day officially join forces to rule the galaxy!

To discover more about the engineering and technical aspects of IOST's proposal, strap on your helmet and check out this 3-minute Medium article.

IOST is, in my non-financial advice/opinion, one of the more reliable blockchain projects. The project is innovative, and the team works hard to deliver roadmap items ahead of schedule.

More on IOST coming soon...

The project is generously rewarding voters in the currently-running IOST MainNet node election. Yes, node operators are scoring tons of crypto, too, but those who vote for elected nodes also share in the bounty.


Peace and love to all the crypto-nauts out there!


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Blockchain, Crypto, & AI
Blockchain, Crypto, & AI

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