KOGs on WAX 1st Edition Booster Pack Winner Revealed

KOGs on WAX 1st Edition Booster Pack Winner Revealed

16 Enter, 1 Leaves with a KOGs Booster Pack

Last week kicked off a new KOGs contest. Since the first two giveaways were so rewarding, this one contained a larger prize.

And what's cool about transacting via WAX, instead of on the ETH network, is that sending these NFTs to one another is virtually free.

Let's Pick A Winner

Once again, we're turning to a random number generator.


Last time there were 50 participants.

But this time, it was more low-key. No social promotions, secondary articles on Medium, or referral program.

As such, you now have a much better chance of winning. Good luck to you!

And the winner is ... contestant #2


Congrats go out to Publish0x member, @Tomadachi!

The goods are in your WAX Cloud Wallet now. Here's the receipt: 



Thanks for playing, everyone. Some of your picks are available on AtomicHub for decent prices. Foil Satoshis though ... not so much!

I appreciate your participation and this event may occur again in the near future.

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