Dissecting RFOX Games' New KOGs Roadmap

Dissecting RFOX Games' New KOGs Roadmap

Plenty of Slammable NFT Action is on the Horizon!


Seven months of pushing blockchain gaming forward

Since debuting on Aug. 18, NFTs in the 1st Edition of KOGs — Keys to Other Games — have seen over 3M $WAXP in trade volume. It’s evident that collectors of digital rarities are more than eager to assemble sets and supersets!

What’s especially interesting is the voluminous trade volume — without a game upping the excitement level.

After months of anticipation, gaming studio RFOX Games is giving us the lowdown.

Now, there are a couple of ways to get you up to speed on KOGs. First up is a quick video. Pay attention to the background gameplay as you admire the exquisite artwork:

Did you see those stacks of NFTs getting flipped over? That’s the gist of it — just like physical POGs from yesteryear.

And if collecting is your jam, the 1st Edition serves up 3,414 unique designs throughout its entirety.

Okay, now that you’re caught up on what transpired, let’s look forward to what’s next …

September 2020

RFOX Games is formalizing its organizational structure this month. The gaming studio’s been distributed from the get-go, with Arclegger at the helm.


Uncommon ‘Cracked Egg (2/3)’ KOG with Teal Border #20

And over the next few weeks, we can expect new assets, including an official logo, a website, and a blockchain gaming whitepaper.

October 2020

Towards the end of next month, the project is releasing details of the in-game economy. For the uninitiated, there’s already a coin out there — $RFOX from RedFOX Labs. Apologies if you’re reading that article a little late. The chain’s native cryptoasset is far from trading at a penny these days.


Ultra-Rare ‘Arcade’ KOG with Sunset Border

RFOX coin’s utility is multi-faceted, and there’s already talk of making it the underlying coin throughout the entire KOGs ecosystem — and more. Looks like we’re in for a Halloween reveal of how RFOX coin fits into blockchain gaming.

November 2020

Staking and rewards, you say? If you’ve been paying attention to the KOGs ecosystem as a whole, you know that NFT mining is coming to the KMD version of the upcoming game.


Ultra-Rare’ Bullish Chart’ KOG with Sirens Border

But on the flip side, staking is a new revelation. The power to stake NFTs is one of the juiciest details in the entire roadmap!

December 2020

1st Edition KOGs will have approximately 4 1/2 months on secondary markets before we see the all-new collections.


Ultra-Rare ‘8 Ball’ Slammer with Pineapple Border

The current edition’s NFTs mostly trade on AtomicHub. And there’s still plenty of time to build your collection at reasonable prices. My crystal ball tells me 1st Edition exchange rates will rise once additional packs are minted.

December is a massive month for the KOGs ecosystem. In addition to seeing the release of the 2nd Edition, the game’s public beta should be ready for download.

Bear in mind that roadmaps are plans and not set in stone. In other words, unforeseen obstacles may still come out to play.

But a public download is a fantastic holiday present and  a great way to distract yourself during Uncle Rico’s eggnog-infused political harangue.

March 2021

Peering into next year, the first quarter brings a duo of major ecosystem upgrades.


Rare ‘Red Fox (3/3)’ KOG with Blood Orange Border #15

Not only are we in for the 3rd Edition’s launch, but RFOX Games intends to reveal details of the next title in their NFT-compatible gaming universe.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty to be excited about heading into the holiday season. If everything goes to plan — remember, if is the keyword here — next March will see the KOGs ecosystem boasting two games powered by three sets of digital collectibles.

And let’s not forget NFT mining and staking. Jumping outside KOGs for a moment, the venture builder behind KOGs — RedFOX Labs — recently partnered with IOV Labs, Coinsilium, and RSK, developer of ethereum-like smart contracts for the Bitcoin network.

By joining forces like Voltron, these players can lay the framework for a bridge interconnecting BTC, ETH, and the unstoppable behemoth known as decentralized finance.

There’s no doubt that fun days are ahead for the non-fungibles of Keys to Other Games!



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