Announcing the Winners of the Rare KOG Drawing

Not Just 1 Winner — Rewards Heading to 3 Participants


*Not included in today's giveaway!

Last week, I published an article here on Publish0x to demonstrate how simple it is to convert your no-coiner associates into coiners:

How to Cheaply, Easily, & Quickly Send Blockchain Love to No-coiner Family & Friends

I think most of here will benefit from widespread cryptocurrency adoption, whether that’s BTC or ETH or digital collectibles like NFTs.

Although keeping track of everyone who followed the directions was time-consuming, being on the giving end of a giveaway was fun and rewarding.

When the giveaway first started, I only had intentions to gift 50 NFTs to my fellow P-0x members. But some of the participants were so kind to me that I couldn’t help spread even more love.

In total, 58 KOGs left my WAX Cloud Wallet and nestled into someone else’s. Perhaps the best part is that I paid 0 gas fees for all those transactions. Good luck conducting a similar event on the Ethereum Network!

And today, it’s time to send more blockchain-powered love to 3 participants …

Fun with Random Numbers

Rather than hand-picking those with the best responses or friendliest comments, it’s fair for all 50 contestants to let a random number generator decide:


The click of a button determines winners’ fates

Since every entrant correlates with the number of their comment in the original article, picking winners happens in only three clicks …

Winner # 1

The first recipient of a Rare KOG is commenter #27 — @StackingCats



Winner # 2

The next claimant of a Rare KOG is entry #16 — @Dedretra



Winner # 3

The final winner is player #16 — @nick6



Thanks for playing, everyone! You've got new WAX assets in your account …

You Win Again

If you’re one of the three winners above, I’ll make it simple for you.

At first, I was going to give each of you a Rare KOG. But that’s no longer the case … I can do even better.

If you visit AtomicHub, check the KOGs page, then use the ‘Rare’ and ‘Price (Lowest)’ filters, you can see that — at least for now — Rares are selling for under 20 WAX:


On that note, I’m sending you on a minor shopping spree. How so? I’ll explain …

24 $WAXP for All

Buying an appealing Rare KOG should set you back 20 WAX or less, leaving a little more to make another purchase.

You can spend it all on one Rare KOG, or use your remaining balance to buy another. Maybe you want to devote everything to 4–6 Common KOGs. Or, you could add to your WAX balance in hopes of grabbing the one you really want.

I’ll leave that choice up to each of you individually.

But if you check your WAX wallet, you’ll find a celebratory gift awaiting you now:







I hope you all enjoy your trip to the KOGs store!

End Game

Big thanks to everyone who claimed an NFT! It’s in their nature to freely circulate, and I encourage you to keep spreading love all over the blockchain. Let’s shake the stigma that distributed ledgers are nothing but scams.

There are legit projects and initiatives in the wide, wild world of crypto!

Collecting these NFTs at such an early stage means waiting and waiting for the actual game to release. Yes, we have digital assets to collate, but they’re meant to act as playable pieces in upcoming games.

The good news is that while the wait isn’t over yet, fresh news recently emerged. KOGs, the game, is set to launch …

Hang on just a minute, time to pause the NFTs of Blockchain Gaming series ...

Because it warrants an article of its very own, you can read more right here:

Dissecting RFOX Games' New KOGs Roadmap


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