Crypto Gaming: ChainZ Arena

Crypto Gaming: ChainZ Arena

By SylarHeisenberg | blockchain-blog | 25 Apr 2020

ChainZ Arena's is a blockchain game we have never seen before. The ability to use any of 3 blockchains (ETH, EOS, TRON) giving players a unique game experience. From "BATTLE QUESTS" to "ARENA" gameplay, players will have their hands full exploring the ChainZ Arena World. Last but not least the SOUL Token staking system enables you to earn money.

What is ChainZ Arena?

ChainZ Arena is the first ever cross blockchain/platform idle mining RPG game, giving it a unique gameplay pitting TRON VS. EOS VS. ETH in one Arena. Combining EOS, Ethereum and the TRON blockchain allowing users to join together in one virtual world where only one can reign supreme. The only thing that is left for you to do is try it out and defend your blockchain!


The gameplay reminds me strongly of Summoner's War.

The SOUL Token System

The SOUL Token is a unique token that you mine as you play ChainZ Arena. The token exists on 3 blockchains EOS, Ethereum, and TRON. There is a total of 999,999,999 limited SOUL tokens. The ChainZ Arena team has designed a unique mechanism where players can mine while offline. SOUL exists on all three blockchain, interconnecting three smart contracts providing unique blockchain gameplay.


The beauty of ChainZ Arena and SOULdrops is the more you play the more SOUL tokens you earn. By earning SOUL tokens and freezing them you will also be part of the daily SOULdrops.

What does that mean?

You will receive drops everyday based on the number of SOUL tokens you stake compared to how many are staked in game. You will receive daily drops in all 3 currencies, ETH, EOS and TRX.

There is no better way to have fun and earn at the same time!

There is no Download needed you can play the Game directly into your Browser.

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