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By Creary | Blockchain art | 7 Jun 2019


In Creary we are very happy for the good reception of our network by many creative sectors and we are aware that our best ambassadors are our own users.
Therefore, continuing with our goal of creating a strong decentralized artistic community and betting on the value that each user brings to the network’s ecosystem, we have decided to launch the Creary Portfolio Links Rewards Program.
This proposal is designed to spread Creary’s philosophy and all the advantages it offers to the creative sectors.
It will be applicable to the first 100 users who participate.


Who can participate in the Creary Portfolio Links Rewards Program?

Any digital artist that meets the following requirements can participate in this program:

  • Have a portfolio in with a minimum of 4 projects published
  • Have a personal web/blog/portfolio (should be related to the creative sector)
  • Being over 18 years
  • Being among the first 100 participants (participants can be consulted in a public document)


How to participate in the Creary Portfolio Links Rewards Program?

To participate in this rewards program, simply do the following before July 10:

  • If you are not yet part of, you must create a profile on the network and have a minimum of 4 published projects.

  • Share the link of your Creary portfolio on your website, blog or artistic portfolio from other creative networks such as Behance, Dribbble or similar.
    The URL or logo of Creary must be located in a section of your web/blog/portfolio, and not only in a post.
    You can find the Creary logo in the downloadable file attached to this post. DOWNLOAD LOGO CREARY

  • Optional: Share your portfolio on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by tagging Creary and using the hashtag #creary

  • Once the above is completed, fill in the following form that shows your participation in the Creary Portfolio Links Rewards Program:



Option 1) Creary profile URL in your web / blog / portfolio of other creative networks:
-----> 300 CREA Energy (CGY)

Option 2) Creary logo (linking to your Creary profile) in your web / blog / portfolio of other creative networks:
----->400 CREA Energy (CGY)

Extra (OPTIONAL): Share your Creary portfolio on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This option is only applicable to those users who have participated in one of the previous options:
----->+ 50 CREA Energy (CGY)

Your reward will be sent to your Creary user before next July 15th.

**The Creary team will reserve the right to reject candidacies that do not comply with the bases of this program, as well as the philosophy of the project and the values promoted by the network.
**Only one entry per user is available.
**The list of participants will be available in a document that can be publicly accessible.
**The deadline for participation is July 10, 2019

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