By Creary | Blockchain art | 14 Sep 2020

The Gamma Rewards are a type of rewards granted by the Creativechain Foundation to the users of


Users are rewarded with an amount of 2000 delegated CREA Energy (CGY) in recognition of the commitment to the network, originality and quality of a portfolio.


The objective of the rewards is to give visibility to the quality projects published on Creary and to value those users who contribute positively to the network thanks to their activity.


Many users have been already awarded. These users already enjoy an increase in the energy of their votes. That makes their influence as curators on the network greater and, therefore, they benefit from higher curation rewards.


List of artists awarded with the Gamma Rewards here:


If you are an active user in Creary publishing quality content and supporting the work of third parties, keep it up! We are sure that sooner or later you will be rewarded with a Gamma.

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