Is Bitcoin recharging before a massive blast off?

Bitcoin just dropped to $9250 area as I predicted it in my yesterday's article.

I think we are charging up to a massive blast off if we get over the yellow long-term downtrend, I've been looking at this level for a long time and we could be very near to breach through it.

On the 1 hour chart we see the price went outside the short-term uptrend and dropped and now being supported by a good support line we had in the chart for a long time.


Moving to the 4 hour chart we see a new uptrend is forming and we may start to bound around this new channel until the end of the week.


This potential uptrend will bring us to the yellow line by Monday. Once we reach and potentially go above the yellow line, we will probably see tremendous volatility. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, It will be very exciting especially after the very boring past two weeks.


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