Forget about student debt, the US has bigger and more immediate problem to deal with before sh*t hits the fan

Student loan is a ton.  Its growing beyond control.  Many experts say this could catapult us into the next recession worse than 2008.

However, it is not the student loan that should worry people the most.  It is the risk in the supposedly risk-free bond market and the liabilities.

Every time proverbial shit hits the fan, Government stimulates the market by relaxing the interest rates or offering a safe haven for scared public through bonds.  Now both of those tools are practically out of question.

So when market goes to recession, what will Government do to stimulate the market?

Donald Amstad says "the real problem in America is not the debt, it is the liabilities."   He urges everyone to go check this LIVE clock at

As of this writing Total Debt Per Citizen in America has already crossed $224,926 and per family $876,918.  


Compare this to India (which is considered an emerging market) where debt per citizen is around $800. That means, an average American owes 281 times the debt of Indian citizen.  Even if we adjust this for population, it still works out to be around 165 times.

How will US deal with the coming recession? How will the economies around the world react? 

I encourage everyone, whether you are living in the US or not, to watch the video embedded below and visit the debt clock site.  Stay informed and stay vigilant my friends!

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