Why your crypto Portfolio need stablecoins!

The world of Crypto is high volatile and it's unpredictable, many coins can go up and down anytime, besides it's a whole ecosystem surrounded by speculation that drives this marvelous space, but for many who seek for a stable currency that can always give a way to balance the Portfolio, is needed a stablecoin!

Stablecoins can be many times the balance that could give enthusiasts a way in to continue increasing their Crypto when the market is down, this crypto coins who are pegged in 1:1 with the dollar are the saviours when things a red on the market.

Despite having on portfolio assets such as Ethereum (ETH), Basic attention token (BAT), Loopring (LRC), BCH and more Cryptos that are part of the portfolio and have a large potential to gain more value in the market, the stablecoins, such as DAI, Tether, USDC, or even PAX are the ones who can give any investors the sensation of holding a currency that can help grow the Portfolio when the market goes red continue to buying those gems.

I believe that a Crypto portfolio need this Crypto pegged to the value of the U.S dollar as anytime can give opportunities to keep increasing more the portfolio assets and for me, it's way more wider, as I use DAI to my lending in decentralized finances also which can give me profits paid from transactions fees in DeFi, my stablecoin works for me!

And that's isn't all I use some of my BAT tokens to have DAI stablecoin on the MakerDAO protocol and use this DAI to purchase more BAT tokens in my particular vicious cycle to increase my Portfolio and grow my Brave's native asset goal.

Stablecoins are useful and can be very helpful in many forms, if is to secure lending, to earn profit (left them either in DeFi or earn return in Blockchain.com wallet with APY oyf more than 12%) not mentioning the possibility to have always your portfolio secured with new coins bought when the market goes down.

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